Of Zombies & Rebellions…

Boardgames played at Andrew’s today.

  1. Pandemic
  2. Star Wars Rebellion.
  3. Dead of winter.
  4. Zombie Dice

An excellent day had by all I believe. PC repairs were swift & successful. Star Wars Rebellion ended up with Rebel Scum being allowed to live to fight another day, the world was consumed by 2 Pandemics, and a couple of Zombie infestations. Overall a fairly successful gaming day, with much fun had by all.

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Spirits Lifting…

I have a Boardgaming session at Andrew’s today. Boardgames to hopefully be played today:

  1. Pandemic
  2. Star Wars Rebellion.
  3. Dead of winter.
  4. Zombie Dice

Some of these will hurt like hell I think. I cut my finger (pinky) while making breakfast this morning and it’s stuffing my typing right up. I keep ending up hitting the “caps lock” without noticing because I can’t feel as well with the band-aids on my finger.

It seems we will be doing PC repairs before hand though. Damned Windows. Why can’t they just give in to the ease which is Apple? 🙂

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Small Steps (Forward?)…

I woke up around 04:00 and it seems Chemoux has been keeping guard of me overnight so at least I’ve been in good paws. Heading out to a friend’s house tonight, fixing up his PC and board gaming tomorrow before heading home. Hoping this will improve my mood.

On the positive side of life though I have managed to start getting down those short stories I indicated I was going to give a shot. Still on the first one, but at least I’m moving on them.

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Just Putting in an Appearance for the Day…

Managed a walk for couple of hours outside as brisk as it was; an apparent temperature of 2°. I did manage some meditation and tried brainstorming some stuff to sell.

It’s 17:00 and I’m heading to bed. Just can’t be bothered with anything more today.

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All I can say is “Doona Therapy” today.

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Flying Altitude – Low…

I’m quite depressed today, so I rescheduled an appointment I had in town today. Nothing to be achieved by it in my current frame of mind.

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Community: A Group of People Living in the Same Place or having a Particular Characteristic in Common…

It seems that more & more the only aspects of Commonality between all the members of Australian Communities come down to living in the same place and a shared fear of unemployment. It’s hard to feel part of a community with which my values are so disparate. A Community which values people so little, and money so much. Most people don’t ask for much, but this “Community” offers so little these days.

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Leaking Lifeboat…

Well any quick reprieve from this continuing downward trend in my capacity to stay emotionally afloat has been swiftly shot down with the email this morning advising that I was unsuccessful with the interview from last week. As I said to a couple of friends, I gave up trying to anticipate any interview results some time ago, as it doesn’t seem to matter how well you thought the interview went, that’s no indication of success. There’s really no way to tell anymore, because there are either some many applicants, or agendas that may be in play now for any single role that’s advertised.

Hope and Patience are as scarce for the unemployed as full-time roles. When I close my eyes it’s not hard to imagine I’m in a leaking lifeboat that’s starting to spring bigger leaks.

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Weather Report…

All I can say is I loved the rain. Rain does at least offer me some solace.

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By the Campfire…

I feel my level of Depression increasing daily at the moment. It’s not so much the lack of job prospects, it’s simply the Jackals “just outside the range of firelight”, and the Vultures circling above; financially I mean of course. I get daily calls for which I have no option at this stage to deal with as I have no resources to offer with any plan. I know it’s a useless strategy but the only thing I can do at present is ignore them until I have a plan and some money to with which to broker a deal.

It’s very windy, not quite as bad as last weekend, but still fairly wild later in the day. I had indicated I would go to Geelong to day to celebrate a birthday, but today I just can’t deal with people in person (yes I know but that’s the way it is today).

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