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    Revenge of Furbag…

    2009 - 07.23

    I had been planning on seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight, but Furbag’s had me up since 05:00 this morning, and I just didn’t think I would last the movie out. Even went into work at 07:00 because I’d decided it was useless to try and sleep past 6 this morning.

    Curse the Furbag!

    Can’t remember now if I’ve read this one in the series, but I know I’m not up for 2.5 hours of movie at this stage tonight.

    Hookers & Cat food…

    2009 - 07.22

    Perception, it’s really the lynchpin between the Objective and the Subjective.

    There’s no doubt I wasn’t socialized very effectively. I’ve spent the bulk of the last 20 years living by myself, alone except for Furbag. This has been my choice, yet a large number of people seem to believe that there’s something wrong about that choice. The majority of people seem uncomfortable with the idea that a person might be genuinely happy without a partner or family. It seems, in general, that this idea is stranger to the young than the middle aged or more senior, so I suspect the process of socialization has much to contribute to this belief. It’s only as you become older and more experienced, that you see the fallacies of such tenants.

    Popular Western, and for that matter many other cultures, would have us believe that one must always have a partner of sorts to resolve social situations, problems, raise children and basically represent the pillars of Western Society.

    Yet, so many of us have either separated, serialized our catastrophic monogamous relationship mechanisms or simply accepted a failed configuration as a given; but stick with it rather than go alone. Many appear to have children irresponsibly, caring not for how they will provide, and what they will provide to kit such offspring for the world of the future. Alone is somehow “failure”.

    Statistically people have more failed relationships than healthy ones. Those that choose to stay with the model have, I believe, become victims to a large degree a set of unrealized expectations. Yet such choices are still held as desirable rather than the single choice.

    There’s no doubt some disadvantages to choosing to live alone and choosing selectively in a considered way when to engage in a “partnership”. There’s arguments on both sides about the financial aspects of such choices, although it’s fairly clear that for women, generally it’s a less affluent choice. Society still financially rewards women in general much less than the equivalent male situation. Women leaving relationships in general report a reduced standard of living and income, while men apparently enjoy an increased! I believe that in general financially I’d be better off with someone financially contributing to a partnership, but of course there would be trade offs. In general I do believe I pay for the privilege of living alone.

    As to company, for the most part I suppose Furbag fulfills some needs in that regard, but all said and done, she’s still feline, not human: conversations are generally one way, and resolutions consistently one-sided(and not mine). I admit to on occasion missing company, not strongly enough to consider myself feeling lonely, but there’s no doubt times I yearn for intimate companionship on the spiritual level, not just the sexual. And then I consider the price.

    I don’t want children. Never have, never will. I don’t believe in marriage, never have, never will. Although it’s nice to have someone in the bed at times, I only want that sometimes. I’d like to have those wonderful evening conversations that are portrayed with such repetition in mainstream remedial relationship indoctrination, but unfortunately they seem to be mainly myth. Sammy, has probably been the “best fit” for me that any person has ever been, and yet we can’t allow ourselves to blur those lines. Our fear of losing what we do have spiritually, and sexually for those brief times we’ve allowed ourselves together, is too great for either of us. Now the Cosmos has taken that option away anyway.

    I’m obviously just selfish and a crazy old catman. Somehow Hookers & Catfood just keep coming out in front. 🙂

    Oh Mr Postman…

    2009 - 07.20

    Ordered last Thursday, and arrived today from Sydney: damn that was fast! A lovely package arrived for me at work today.

    Of these only one is truly “new”, i.e. Conan. The other two are expansions for existing games.

    New arrivals

    But before I can get to them…

    It appears that Furbag believes possession is 9/10ths of the law…

    As usual a box of goodies…

    Of course I have to somehow try and get all these play ASAP.

    Games, games, games…

    2009 - 07.18

    I discovered today that I have three game expansions that were basically unplayed, and not even fully unpacked!

    The expansions in question were:

    The Tomb of Ice an expansion for Descent: a Journey in the Dark.

    The Island of Dread an expansion for Runebound 2nd Edition. In the interests of reducing the numbers, I cracked this one tonight (Friday) and did a play test to familiarize myself with the facets of the expansion.

    Amazingly, amongst these is Kingsport Horror an expansion for Arkham Horror. Mind you, I’ve got Innsmouth Horror on the way now, so I really need to get this one played.

    Hopefully I can crack The Tomb of Ice on Saturday afternoon, evening, and this will only leave one to try and get cracked before the newest additions arrive sometime next week. One the way other than the one previously mentioned are: The Frozen Wastes, another for Runebound 2nd Edition, and the newly released Age of Conan: the board game. I’m really looking forward to unpacking that one and getting people around the table for a session.

    Also dug this one out of the archives to check. My friend Mark bought Fellowship of the Ring in about 1984 or ’85. He very kindly gave it to me a couple of years ago, knowing my interest in both boardgames and Tolkien.

    It’s a classic ICE. We unpacked it, but never actually got to play it. We were all too wasted at the time to make sense of it. So it’s still virgin so to speak. YES, all those D6’s are counters. I hope to get a game of it organized one day soon.

    Speaking of board game lust (which obviously I am languishing in), I’m counting the weeks until the release of Middle Earth Quest. This looks absolutely fantastic, and a wonderful compliment to War of the Ring.

    *sigh* I wonder how one gets into a career as a game designer?

    The Whim of Aurora…

    2009 - 07.17

    Age and Wisdom is all well and good: unfortunately the body doesn’t get wiser, only more fragile!

    Winds of 11 “o” 7 “o” 2009…

    2009 - 07.12

    Yes it was a wild night Friday night, but fortunately the worst damage is shown below.

    Here’s another view looking South.

    All the rest was simply tree litter here and there. I count myself very lucky 🙂


    2009 - 07.12

    As well as a few other server related tasks to do with MySQL and the Cyrus mail server I upgraded both mine and Furbag’s blogs to wordpress 2.8.1. I haven’t really explored the new features yet, but they were both due for an update, especially the Black Beast’s. Mine was 2.5.x before, but Furbag’s was rather old, something like 2.1.x. I’ve told Furbag that she needs to update her theme a bit, it’s getting a bit old, but I got a biffing for my trouble! 🙂

    Free, soon to be freed…

    2009 - 07.06

    Well the purchase has been made, I may not have to be getting up for Furbag 24/7 soon. I just need to get it in the window now!

    In pursuit of gaming…

    2009 - 07.05

    I’ve been pondering how to get a few more board games happening. The thought has occurred to me to try remote board games. I’m considering how best to get an internet camera to effect some games across the internet with geographically distant friends. Of course it’s going to be difficult with the size of the board games I like to play. I’ve yet to determine whether or not, the iMac inbuilt camera will do the job or not; it may be necessary to purchase a separate camera and position it somewhere better. I will probably need something with a bit of zoom anyway. Additionally it’s most likely going to need games that the other has played just to make life a little easier for the remote party. I’ve pondered how we might do it for the games we both have, but not sure how that could be made to work for the random aspects of a game. Research continues.

    Rune Reading 4th July 2009

    2009 - 07.04

    Goodbye Sammy *sigh*

    In a blink?