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I think that the way this Winter is headed (cold and rain wise) I need to find someone to regularly share the bed all night: there’s just too much good rain going to waste…

Recovery from this Cold is progressing finally, not cured, but on the mend. So while a physical purging is in progress, so too is an emotional exorcism. Some feelings just can’t be held onto if life is to go on forward. I’ve always been one to try to move forward in the journey, and now […]

Well 2 flu shots earlier in the year may mean I don’t have the flu, but damn this Cold is giving my Curry! In bed by 20:00 last night, and still feeling like crap today, in fact feeling worse rather than better. I’m starting to have less enthusiasm for jumping bones…

Other than a cold, this week seems to be shaping up a much better week than last week, I think I may even have the motivation for play again!

There are questions that are hard to ask, hard to answer, hard to hear the answers but the necessary clarity is a springboard for change. The wonder of life, love and friendship is the opportunity to manifest our essence in tangible form in a way that enhances the same in those close to us. I’m […]


Safety Chute…

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How is it that “Bladerunner” always manages to ground me when much fails?

If someone finds my brain on the ground, can they please put it back in my skull, because I think I’ve misplaced it and filled the cavity with cotton wool instead. Runes say patience, but great upheaval and a change that cannot be undone have already been set in motion. Today I just don’t know. […]


Me but am I…

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Well things have settled down mostly it seems, I guess I’ve become fatalistic about some things, and no doubt I’m a bit crankier than usual. As per usual it’s my self centredness, selfishness and desire for instant gratification that’s at the heart of the matter(s). Hopefully I’ll be on top of that shortly, I’m sure […]