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    If only it had been (J)ust in(e) for 120 Days…

    2010 - 12.26

    It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for years to get my hands on even a 75% decent copy of Pasolini’s Salò. Anything that’s been available in this country in the last 2 decades has been very average quality at best. But today I managed to come across a copy of the Blue-Ray remaster. Interestingly MANY people seem to find this an extremely disturbing film, yet it’s never really bothered me even from the first viewing.

    Ironically, I also bought the ONLY film I’ve ever watched that truly disturbed me. The scene of the scourging of Jesus in “The Passion of Christ” was the most personally confronting depiction of brutal cruelty from one human being towards another that I’ve yet seen. Perhaps it has begun to fade to the point I begin to wonder if it will effect me the same a second time. I must confess the rest of the movie from that scene on is somewhat hazy.

    Ah JB, you’ve done it again!


    2010 - 12.20

    Well I officially have Reading Glasses now, they arrived today 2 days earlier than expected. At this stage they’ve travelled further than I have, given they started out from British Columbia (Burnaby), through Vancouver, Memphis (US), Honolulu (US), Sydney, Melbourne and then to work.

    It is impressive that we can receive things from the other side of the world before something from Sydney only 1000 kms away. 🙂

    Tracking Through the Ether…

    2010 - 12.19

    Apparently my Glasses are coming from Canada, and are in Melbourne today (courtesy of internet tracking and FedEx). It seems ridiculous that I can buy 2 pairs of glasses cheaper from overseas on the internet than I can at a store here, AND receive them in about the same time!

    A Taste of Gold Harry…

    2010 - 12.19

    A couple of months ago I’d received some Gold Class Gift Vouchers from two separate people for whom I’d done some PC recovery work. Since it seemed only fitting I try and make it a worthwhile jaunt, I took Barb to see Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1 in Gold Class on Friday night.

    I’d never been to Gold Class before, so I was interested to see what the fuss is really all about. I have to say firstly that I’m very grateful for the opportunity the others gave me to go see something there. Secondly though, I’m impressed with the experience, but fail to see where the $35 simply for the seat is justified. The Food was good and reasonably priced (contrary to my expectation) and so it appeared was the wine that Barb drank. All in all, no more than Cafe prices for food and drink. So from that perspective I’d say good value. It might be me but I just think that $25 would be a more reasonable ask for the other comforts.

    Anyway as I said, I’m grateful, and Barb enjoyed herself too. I did enjoy the movie, but the only reason I went Gold Class was that it was gifted: as I’m almost certain I’d still not have gone even several years from now. After all if I would fork it out for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy of movies, there’s probably not likely to be much else I would.

    A Gaze Through the Windows…

    2010 - 12.14

    Today I’ve entered a new phase of my life: that which requires me to wear reading glasses. As my Optometrist said, “I see many people who NEED glasses, but can’t SEE they NEED glasses”!

    I guess I’ve finally seen the need, I NEED to READ…

    Ol’ Eight Legs…

    2010 - 12.14

    Came across my first Huntsman INSIDE the house since I moved here nearly 2 years ago! Fortunately s/he was small and there was no mexican stand off or Tarentella as is oft the case in such situations! I think I’m much better with spiders when they’re someone else’s problem than when they’re mine.