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    6 on 1D6…

    2009 - 04.28

    Yesterday Afternoon I was advised that apparently my six month probation was passed, and they thought they should tell me. They didn’t want me wondering about such things in the current climate and going to find another job! Nice to hear. Let’s just say I’m still very happy with the gift of the Cosmos on that one.

    First “outing” in a while…

    2009 - 04.26

    Went to the Albion St house warming tonight. Apparently my “headgear” was what was expected of me, dammit, I didn’t disappoint. I’m sure there’s pictures on someone’s facebook somewhere. Not sure whether that’s good or bad! Justine would have been happy though. Anyway first night out in a while, but definitely a night of fun and frivolity had by all: and some too much! But anyways, no harm done, and the worst will be a few hangovers carried by some when they wake in the morrow (whenever that may be).

    Finally call it “home”…

    2009 - 04.19

    Apparently Sammy’s visit Friday has left me “very relaxed” according to some. Unfortunately we broke some toys, which necessitated a shopping trip last night…

    I like that fact that after all these years she still doesn’t have a car, but it’s just a pity she had to be on the 07:12 train Saturday morning: for many reasons… *le sigh*

    Oh and yes Lorraine I was chatting to you while she was dozing and in the shower if you’ve done the math…

    Watery Impressions…

    2009 - 04.16

    It seems we’ve been getting a bit of rain outside, but not enough for me to hear it on the roof *sigh* except for the occasional couple of minutes. Wasn’t really worth interrupting Monsieur Debussy’s “Le Mer” and Andrew Blake’s “Aria“. I’m really looking forward to the first night of heavy rain and being snuggled up on the couch or the bed with someone checking it out through the skylight…

    MS Whoredom…

    2009 - 04.16

    Finally been giving the xbox 360 a bit of a go again since I’ve been otherwise occupied watching some videos, series etc over the last few weeks. Gave Assassin’s Creed a bit of a run again, and also F.E.A.R. 2. gained an hour of play. I’d forgotten just what a fine looking game Assassin’s Creed was when it came out. It really was quite luxurious while in game. It’s amazing that I see the game for $25 now, although I don’t recall it being that expensive when it came out. I’m in the last Chapter of Resident Evil 5, but was just losing concentration I think, so will leave it for another night.

    Of Tomes, Old and New…

    2009 - 04.16

    The last couple of years has seen my reading for pleasure dropping right down to a very bare level. Seems since I’ve spent so much time over the last few years reading for study or work, I’ve drifted away from the practice of reading for pleasure. And the times I have picked up a book, it’s been one I’ve already read before.

    However, in recent months, along with other changes, I’ve managed to read a few books for pleasure again, that are new. A while ago i started reading the “Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant“, having been a long time fan of the first two for many years. I’ve managed to finish the second volume, which I’d half finished when I had to return it to the person I borrowed it off some time ago. This time I bought it, as I had always intended to do anyway.

    Recently (well actually several months ago now), a friend lent me three books: a trilogy so I thought, but it now appears there is a fourth. I’ve started reading them and finding them a pleasant read indeed. I wouldn’t put them in the “intellectual” realm of LOTR, or Thomas Covenant, but they are interesting. It’s a series called “The Old Kingdom” by Garth Nix. The first is Sabriel, which is my current tome of the moment. I’m about a 100 pages into it, and find it intriguing without being too heavy. I’m not sure whether Sara realises there’s a fourth volume in the series yet. So I’ve just sent her an SMS to tell her so. 🙂

    I’m still waiting to get my hands on two of Michael Scott Rohan’s series “The Winter of the World“. I’ve yet to read “The Singer and the Sea“, and “Shadow of the Seer“. I’ve been a fan of this series since the first one (The Anvil of Ice) in the early eighties.

    I think I’m going to strive towards reading at least 1 book a week again, just for me.

    There (i.e a year ago) and back again (i.e. the here & now)…

    2009 - 04.14

    I’m just sitting up here in my “loft” / loungeroom, enjoying the scent of Chamomile & Frankincense oils wafting through the air, listening to Resphigi’s “Ancient Airs and Dances”, reflecting a bit on the previous 12 months, realising so much in my life has changed. This time last year I was:

    • Starting a new job, and loving the escape from the old. I was travelling the country and I was relishing the “Honeymoon”.
    • Bemoaning a broken Nokia phone that couldn’t be fixed under a warranty that had expired 6 months before, but the contract still had 6 months to go!
    • I was in the 5th year of a “Polyamorous” relationship which was moving into shaky ground. I think I knew it, but just wasn’t quite willing to do something about it; deluding myself that it was still working for all involved.
    • I was just about to buy an iMac, although I didn’t know it. I DEFINITELY DON’T regret that one.
    • I’d just rebuilt and upgraded Bombadil the Mail/WWW/FTP server and Furbag’s blog was down and she was getting cranky.
    • Had a W2K3 Server (Gandalf) seriously in need of a rebuild and no scheduled upgrade!
    • Basically I was bursting out of my old abode, but had no intentions of going anywhere else.
    • Furbag and I were in our 12th year together.
    • We didn’t have a Cat Door.

    Now it seems I’m in a somewhat different space in the Cosmos than I would have anticipated, if I was into that sort of thing. I’m more of a reflective sort of person rather than a predictive person. I like to theorize, but life’s lessons are only learned reflectively, so it’s enjoy the present then learn from the past to prepare for the yet to unfold future. I prefer to look for a direction rather than a destination. That said, it seems that I’ve arrived at the below current point in the journey:

    • The relationship has dissolved, at some cost to all concerned, although there’s no doubt it’s for the best for all concerned. It had obviously run it’s course and we’d had the best out of it. I don’t regret the experience, only the reticence to finish it when it should have been done.
    • Having realised that the previous job was not right for me, I’m in yet another job, six months in and well past the Honeymoon but still loving it. Once again 5 mins walk from work. This one is definitely a much better choice for me, as things have really rolled on since changing.
    • I’ve had the iMac almost a year, and still not regretting the money I spent on it, and become a definite convert. So much so that…
    • I’ve been the proud owner of an iPhone for nearly 8 months! Yet another “mac” choice I don’t regret.
    • Bombadil (Linux Server) up and running without issues for 12 months. Furbag is up again and I’ve been forgiven. I’ve begun this blog, and moving away from my Livejournal.
    • Gandalf (W2K3) has been upgraded with regard to Hardware, and also had several long term issues resolved that were not critical, but annoying.
    • I’ve bought a house, and been moved in for 2 months (yesterday). Space for all sorts of things now. Don’t have any intention of going anywhere else for the foreseeable short to medium term. 🙂
    • Furbag and I are in our 13th year.
    • We still don’t have a Cat Door (yes I’m being made to pay for this one)!

    All in all it seems I’ve come forward in a positive manner just as the Cosmos has generally done for me, with some very interesting changes. No regrets, a few bruises, but they’ll pass and I’ve definitely learned something from most of the above. Not sure about the Cat Door yet though…

    Ah the Irish…

    2009 - 04.14

    Moving and the House have kept me rather poor the last couple months, so I’ve been inclined to decline dinner invitations to eating establishments, but an invitation from “Mad Pierre” was a little difficult to refuse on this particular occasion. It seemed on of those cases of “I’m in the mood for Irish Stew”. So to Irish Murphy’s it was, to join “Mad Pierre”, Daltsy / Ella, Jimmy and “The Colonel”. The company and conversation was enjoyable, and as usual the food was “damn fine”!

    I’ll need to pull my head in particularly close to my shoulders for the rest of this pay cycle, and be a Sad Panda for a few days, but in this instance I think it was worth it! It did seem a little odd that this invitation came not more than 90 mins after another one from another friend to go there on Saturday Night. Given Sammy’s planning a Friday Night visit, I think Saturday will be recovery day…

    To Quirk or not Quirk…

    2009 - 04.14

    Does it make me a little whacky that I have to have the DVD player connected up via both Component and HDMI just so that I can watch my Original Series Star Trek etc in the correct ratio? Damned HDMI won’t let me select the 4:3 ratio for my old series on the new TV!

    Damn that was Fast…

    2009 - 04.13

    I just realised it’s 2 months to the day that I moved into my new house. Where did the time go? Somehow, you’d probably think by looking I’d been here longer. I’m a genuine Nester once I get going that’s true. Furbag slotted in very nicely, she was set after a week! You’d think she’d lived here all her life. I’m definitely noticing that I’m walking up and down a lot of stairs these days!

    Unfortunately I’ve still yet to see a spectacular Thunderstorm through my Skylight yet, and haven’t really had a good fall of rain to hear on the roof yet. But I’m looking forward to both. It’s a bit more of a walk to the clothes line than most would like, but it does offer quality time to chat to the Furbag on the way to hang up clothes. 🙂