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Secured But No Bondage…

Written by m0rg0th. No comments Posted in: Art, Photography, Tech

Well the Apache server has been configured for SSL now, and all sites will automatically redirect to the “https://” protocol. I just hope most can work out that the new Certificate for each site can be trusted! 🙂 Anyway that’s one more step towards getting Shards of Arcadia online store operational. In addition Chemoux is […]


Late October…

Written by m0rg0th. No comments Posted in: Depression, General, Goals, Photography, Work

So it’s been just on three months since I resigned my last position gave myself some time to heal. Not that I was doing nothing, obviously I wasn’t as there were things to be done. Clearly you don’t recover from Depression by doing nothing, that’s exactly what Depression does to you! Anyway things have a […]

Moving into October already, it’s hard to know where all the year has gone. However, it’s winding to a close in much better space than it started. Clearly events seem to be unfolding as close to my intended plan as I could have hoped. A good 2 month break from work, and now some part-time […]