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As is so often the case with the significant and profound relationships or events in a life, the conception is difficult to identify with certainty. The instant in time where Steve first entered my life is lost to my memory now because the impact that he had on my life has been so profound and […]

Lately I’ve been experiencing a renewed motivation in my photography. Much of this is with the encouragement and support of an artist friend for which I’m very grateful. She’s encouraging some collaborative projects and regularly suggesting trips and subject matter that she thinks will inspire me to create more works. Much of her work has […]

Many years ago when I was first getting clean it was suggested to me that I might make a “Gratitude List” for times I was feeling somewhat negative about things in general. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with that thought in my mind again. So I suppose it might […]

I can’t say it was a great weekend of activity, although I did help a friend out with something that’s been holding her back from getting a lot of work done. It’s good to know you can help friends and receive the simple joy and satisfaction that comes with that and the recognise the appreciation […]

If I was to sum up the year that’s pretty much now past, I’d have to say it’s not been the best of years for me. That said, it’s certainly not been the worst of years, it would have had to be a total train wreck for me to think that of it. There have […]


Confirmed a weekend down in Geelong for a coming weekend prior to Christmas. Some Photography & gaming.


Stepping Out…

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A slow day. Plans for a burn off to get rid of the collection of branches blown down over the last few months by the wild weather were rescheduled due to too much wind. Additionally rain put a stop to mowing. So in the end I spend the afternoon going through boxes of old computing […]


It’s amazing how Public Holidays become meaningless to you when you’re currently not working. I hadn’t even realised it was a local public holiday. To be honest it’s one of those that doesn’t really seem to have much meaning to me, nor I’m sure many others, other than an excuse for a day off. Such […]


My negative waves must be transmitting, since I had a call from my sister today. She does seem to have a “Craig Alarm” that goes off when I’m in a really shabby place. Anyway it was good to have a short rant session. It definitely eased the angst of the day for me. I suppose […]


I’ve devoted today to writing, online store maintenance and gaming. Movie Night tonight with Jamie. We’re having a “B Grade” horror night watching “Harbinger Down” followed by “B Grade” Science Fiction effort “Ice Pirates”.


Boardgames played at Andrew’s today. Pandemic Star Wars Rebellion. Dead of winter. Zombie Dice An excellent day had by all I believe. PC repairs were swift & successful. Star Wars Rebellion ended up with Rebel Scum being allowed to live to fight another day, the world was consumed by 2 Pandemics, and a couple of […]


I have a Boardgaming session at Andrew’s today. Boardgames to hopefully be played today: Pandemic Star Wars Rebellion. Dead of winter. Zombie Dice Some of these will hurt like hell I think. I cut my finger (pinky) while making breakfast this morning and it’s stuffing my typing right up. I keep ending up hitting the […]

It seems that more & more the only aspects of Commonality between all the members of Australian Communities come down to living in the same place and a shared fear of unemployment. It’s hard to feel part of a community with which my values are so disparate. A Community which values people so little, and […]


Play It Safe…

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Today I decided to heed the weather warnings and stayed close to home. I went around the corner to Chris’ house and we played Mansions of Madness Version 2. That was very entertaining, funny even, very enjoyable overall. The new mechanic of working with an application as the “Keeper” seems to work very well. Chris […]


Yesterday I spent in Geelong catching up with friends, it’s been a while, since I’ve caught up with Stephen & Julie and the first time I’ve met their son Connor. Depression isn’t the sort of condition that promotes making effort to visit people or friends under normal circumstances, but when they’ve lived 1000km or more […]



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I hit the hay early last night, about 19:00 actually and slept twelve hours! The plan for today was going to be go to Geelong to catch up with some friends, but seems Stephen got called into work so I’ve discussed going next weekend instead. (Update) Plans changed again, decided I’ll still go down and […]


I must say I’ve been struggling the last few weeks. It seems the constant Black to Red to Red to Black to Red to Red to Red to Black etc of the finances since losing the last lot of part time work has been wearing me down. I’ve noticed quite a few things slipping, and […]

One of the Greatest things I value in friends is the willingness to be honest with you even when they know it’s not what you want to hear. They have your best interests at heart, and want to help you do your best, experience the best and be the best that you can be. Really […]


Well finally got the new Photography Online Shop “Live” this morning after a few day of testing, mostly by others on my behalf. That’s the beauty of having a network of friends who will provide feedback when you ask for it. Most often it’s helpful and constructive. Anyway most of the suggestions were very helpful […]

Three weeks ago I resigned my previous role. Overall I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my level of happiness and a commensurate decrease in my level of Depression through the last 3 weeks. Since I made that decision of getting out of my previous workplace’s negative environment, I’ve had a steady path onward to increasingly […]

Well the long weekend has passed, and already I feel like it’s Thursday, not a Pseudo-Monday! Only 3 days to go, but it feels like I’ve already waded through four with another four in front. I think I’d feel better if I’d managed to end up with more useable shots from yesterday. However as happens, […]

Today I renewed an old and for a time “broken” friendship. I’m gladdened and appreciative that it’s been returned in kind. It’s the second significant and important friendship I’ve managed to renew in the last few years. These are the things money just doesn’t buy no matter how much you have or don’t have, all […]

Well ALL the Bookdepository orders have shipped, the Garmin Oregon 600t Handheld GPS arrived today and also the Impala Blue Cat Deterrents. So Chemoux is going to be pushing for the outside world now. Unfortunately I’ve not yet broached the subject of her arrival with Bob & Jan. No dodging it any longer I guess. […]


Well I’m “psychologically” limping towards a new year, hopefully to make more positive headway in dealing with my Depression. Christmas is passed for another year, and now things will begin to take a more “normal” course for most of us. I caught up with a few friends I don’t often see, although I make an […]


A Sad End…

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I’m sorry to say that the old Furabg won’t be updating any more. Unfortunately she was taken by a couple of dogs this afternoon. Thankfully it looks like she was literally caught napping and probably didn’t know what happened. It’s fair to say she’s been taking it tough the last seven months, clearly not taking […]