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I’m just sitting here reflecting, on the weekend just past. I’ve had a great weekend. Dusty arrived on Friday night, and we had a quick chat and then went to bed at my usual time. We both were up early on Saturday morning, enjoying a light breakfast then after that making sure the chores were […]

A friend asked me to help her out with her pet project that she’s been working on for the last couple of years. Her project is called Blossom Connect. Give it a look, it’s a worthy pursuit. Our Society undervalues our children and short changes them so much by stinting on Educational and Social Resources. […]

Last week’s been a bit of a setback as far as overcoming my Depression. I missed 3 Days of work due to it this week just gone, and had to make up a few extra hours for the Thursday. However I think I’ve moved on from that bout, and on reflection think I’d been doing […]