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    Time in A Different Sort of Dungeon…

    2014 - 03.10

    I’m just sitting here reflecting, on the weekend just past. I’ve had a great weekend. Dusty arrived on Friday night, and we had a quick chat and then went to bed at my usual time. We both were up early on Saturday morning, enjoying a light breakfast then after that making sure the chores were done. Subsequently we went for a walk around the neighbourhood for him to reminisce and then a drive around town so that he could enjoy some fresh air with slightly more insane traffic than he’s used to now. After that there was a quick jaunt in JB and Officeworks. We returned home to have a quiet afternoon sitting on the patio chatting and generally taking it easy. Our original intention was to spend Saturday playing Descent: Journeys in the dark (first edition) and possibly Sunday too. It seemed, that we needed Saturday to unwind, debrief from work / study as both of us confessed to feeling extremely relaxed after basically doing nothing Saturday afternoon and evening. Anyway, Sunday was spent playing Descent: Journeys in the dark (first edition). We managed to put in a good 13 hours solid dungeon crawling, With Dusty creating a huge pile of carcasses comprised of Skeletons, Dark Priests, Spiders, Kobolds, Ferox, Razorwings, Sorcerers and an Ogre. What can I say other than that it was as good a weekend as I had hoped it would be.

    A Different Sort of Blossom…

    2014 - 03.01

    A friend asked me to help her out with her pet project that she’s been working on for the last couple of years. Her project is called Blossom Connect. Give it a look, it’s a worthy pursuit. Our Society undervalues our children and short changes them so much by stinting on Educational and Social Resources.

    Louise’s been working on this to see that local children get the support they need to assist their “learning and development”. She wanted some photos shot of her with some of the children she seeks to help while she was playing, interacting with them just to help give the site a bit more of a sense of what it’s about and who it’s for really. Louise’s invitation was a bit surprising since I’ve never made much secret of being any good with children or being particularly fond of them. Still it’s a challenge worthy of pursuit and I’m pleased she thought to give me an opportunity to stretch out my repertoire and help her cause. Hopefully I will do both her faith and the Children justice. Many thanks to The Children, their Parents, and Louise for the opportunity. I won’t be using any of the photos on my site, as I didn’t gain permission for that sort of use, so the finished products will only be available to see at Blossom Connect. As I said it’s worth a look, you may want to use it yourself or suggest it to someone you know in the future.

    Quicksand or Solid Ground, that is the Question…

    2014 - 03.01

    Last week’s been a bit of a setback as far as overcoming my Depression. I missed 3 Days of work due to it this week just gone, and had to make up a few extra hours for the Thursday. However I think I’ve moved on from that bout, and on reflection think I’d been doing pretty well, nearly 2 months since I’d been impacted by a major Depressive period. So I suppose all in all it’s still moving forward, although earlier in the week it didn’t seem like I was keeping ground. Last few days I seem to be doing much better again. However I’ve been up even earlier than usual last few days, it’s about 05:00 it seems last 3 days! Ugh. Hopefully this won’t be a future trend 06:00 is early enough to be up and about it seems to me.