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    Goodbye Old Friend…

    2019 - 07.27

    As is so often the case with the significant and profound relationships or events in a life, the conception is difficult to identify with certainty. The instant in time where Steve first entered my life is lost to my memory now because the impact that he had on my life has been so profound and overshadowed whence it began some 40 plus years ago. What I can say on reflection is that my time with Steve contained the most enjoyable and wonderful experiences I have had in my life to this very day.

    I met Steve through music. As I said I don’t remember those initial specifics anymore, but what did matter was that when Steve, Gary and I played together that first time, it was a case of the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. We immediately knew that there was a special connection between us that operated at a level of consciousness that was beyond speech. Our creative processes complimented each other. Over the years of our playing together other band members or guests came and went but the nucleus was always the three of us. No one else we played with offered the same experience of being able to either preempt or immediately respond to a creative choice while playing or composing. The musicians out there will know what I mean when I say it’s a unique find. The ability to collaborate unconsciously, bounce off one another creatively with respect, assuredness and with consistency is an aspiration few bands achieve.

    We played gigs together, split briefly, realized that what we had together was not to be had easily then rejoined. We recorded together, but it was performing live that we really enjoyed the most. In fact we didn’t record it if we couldn’t repeat it live. At that time we had dreams, hopes, a lust for life and friendship that I recall with envy now as the passage of time has eroded my dreams, hopes and life of lust.

    As our twenties hit, life pulled Steve, Gary and myself along different journeys, but Steve would reach out to me every so often over the years and attempt to recapture that musical magic. Unfortunately my journey kept steering me away from people who cared for me and burned my musical bridges. In the 1990’s Gary died and along with him so did a little bit of Steve and myself. At that point we both realised that we’d lost something unique in our lives. Still it was not until the 2000’s that our friendship flourished again. What is amazing is that we could just pick right up again even after some years apart. But that’s true friendship: with solid honest foundations and respect, friendship will survive a drought. Interestingly we had yet another creative cross over, independently we’d both become interested in photography. So kindred spirits are kindred spirits in more ways than one.

    When I think of Steve these are the words that come to mind. Genuine, authentic, loyal, extraordinary, creative, enthusiastic, respectful, kind, loving, paternal, dedicated, perfectionist, passionate, audacious, effervescent and absolutely a man of integrity.

    Dear Steve, I think of thee with kindness, with kindness I think of thee.

    Until later “big buddy”, ever your friend, Craig.

    Goodbye Major Tom…

    2016 - 01.11

    The Entertainment Industry has lost a extremely talented person today with the death of David Bowie. I wish his essence the best of journeys.

    30 Days & 30 Nights…

    2011 - 02.14

    Well with a slight “blip”, I’ve made 30 days without a JB purchase, which is a significant landmark for me.

    Not since the store first opened here have I gone a month without a purchase! Can’t say I’ve really saved any money yet, but have spent it on more “productive” things with regard to working on the house.

    There will begin changes ever so slowly…

    January Resolution…

    2011 - 01.17

    Nothing from JB.


    A little crack in the blue…

    2010 - 08.29

    I was listening to the radio the other night and just happened to hear part of a exceptionally different rendition of the Talking Head’s song “Once in a Lifetime” on an album The Men I Love performed by an artist called Barb Jungr. Fascinating, I may have to track it down. She has also done albums featuring works of the likes of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. A very interesting woman.

    And the Raven says Forevermore…

    2010 - 04.14


    Return to Forever -> Live at Montreux [2008]

    Takes me back…King Crimson to come after, so a bit of time travel it is for me tonight.

    Thanks Steve!

    Watery Impressions…

    2009 - 04.16

    It seems we’ve been getting a bit of rain outside, but not enough for me to hear it on the roof *sigh* except for the occasional couple of minutes. Wasn’t really worth interrupting Monsieur Debussy’s “Le Mer” and Andrew Blake’s “Aria“. I’m really looking forward to the first night of heavy rain and being snuggled up on the couch or the bed with someone checking it out through the skylight…

    There (i.e a year ago) and back again (i.e. the here & now)…

    2009 - 04.14

    I’m just sitting up here in my “loft” / loungeroom, enjoying the scent of Chamomile & Frankincense oils wafting through the air, listening to Resphigi’s “Ancient Airs and Dances”, reflecting a bit on the previous 12 months, realising so much in my life has changed. This time last year I was:

    • Starting a new job, and loving the escape from the old. I was travelling the country and I was relishing the “Honeymoon”.
    • Bemoaning a broken Nokia phone that couldn’t be fixed under a warranty that had expired 6 months before, but the contract still had 6 months to go!
    • I was in the 5th year of a “Polyamorous” relationship which was moving into shaky ground. I think I knew it, but just wasn’t quite willing to do something about it; deluding myself that it was still working for all involved.
    • I was just about to buy an iMac, although I didn’t know it. I DEFINITELY DON’T regret that one.
    • I’d just rebuilt and upgraded Bombadil the Mail/WWW/FTP server and Furbag’s blog was down and she was getting cranky.
    • Had a W2K3 Server (Gandalf) seriously in need of a rebuild and no scheduled upgrade!
    • Basically I was bursting out of my old abode, but had no intentions of going anywhere else.
    • Furbag and I were in our 12th year together.
    • We didn’t have a Cat Door.

    Now it seems I’m in a somewhat different space in the Cosmos than I would have anticipated, if I was into that sort of thing. I’m more of a reflective sort of person rather than a predictive person. I like to theorize, but life’s lessons are only learned reflectively, so it’s enjoy the present then learn from the past to prepare for the yet to unfold future. I prefer to look for a direction rather than a destination. That said, it seems that I’ve arrived at the below current point in the journey:

    • The relationship has dissolved, at some cost to all concerned, although there’s no doubt it’s for the best for all concerned. It had obviously run it’s course and we’d had the best out of it. I don’t regret the experience, only the reticence to finish it when it should have been done.
    • Having realised that the previous job was not right for me, I’m in yet another job, six months in and well past the Honeymoon but still loving it. Once again 5 mins walk from work. This one is definitely a much better choice for me, as things have really rolled on since changing.
    • I’ve had the iMac almost a year, and still not regretting the money I spent on it, and become a definite convert. So much so that…
    • I’ve been the proud owner of an iPhone for nearly 8 months! Yet another “mac” choice I don’t regret.
    • Bombadil (Linux Server) up and running without issues for 12 months. Furbag is up again and I’ve been forgiven. I’ve begun this blog, and moving away from my Livejournal.
    • Gandalf (W2K3) has been upgraded with regard to Hardware, and also had several long term issues resolved that were not critical, but annoying.
    • I’ve bought a house, and been moved in for 2 months (yesterday). Space for all sorts of things now. Don’t have any intention of going anywhere else for the foreseeable short to medium term. 🙂
    • Furbag and I are in our 13th year.
    • We still don’t have a Cat Door (yes I’m being made to pay for this one)!

    All in all it seems I’ve come forward in a positive manner just as the Cosmos has generally done for me, with some very interesting changes. No regrets, a few bruises, but they’ll pass and I’ve definitely learned something from most of the above. Not sure about the Cat Door yet though…