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Old Bombadil has gone quiet, but Goldberry is now humming away…

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Well finally finished the move of the servers from physical to virtual. The blogs & web were the last to be moved, having done the mail over the weekend. Let’s just say there was more involved in getting the blogs moved over. I hadn’t forgotron all the initial configuration that needed to be done, but let’s say my “MySQL” is rusty!

From an outward appearance, all looks smooth since it’s simply a matter of changing firewall ports forwarding after all is said and done on the back end. I doubt anyone would have noticed blogs or email offline for the few seconds it took to change ports / IP addresses; after spending the time doing the reconfiguring after moving data from the physical to the virtual. I’d originally considered keeping the SLES 10.1 and trying a physical to virtual migration. But after thinking about it for a while, and the SLES 11.1 seeming quite stable I opted to go the new install path and migrate data for mail, apache & what FTP there was available.

Anyway, Furbag doesn’t seem to have noticed any problems, so guessing all has gone smoothly…

So as the title says: “Old Bombadil has gone quiet, but Goldberry is now humming away…” 🙂