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I can’t say it was a great weekend of activity, although I did help a friend out with something that’s been holding her back from getting a lot of work done. It’s good to know you can help friends and receive the simple joy and satisfaction that comes with that and the recognise the appreciation […]


The Maelstrom…

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It seems I’m in a holding pattern, slowly spiralling inwards but not really reaching a destination, i.e. a goal. Financially I’ve slowed the sinking, but the lifeboat is still leaking slowly, with the threat of a major leak constantly a threat. Purposiveness is disintegrating slowly too which is as concerning if not more. I’m steeling […]


Well I’ve been offline nearly a month now while changing over to the NBN. I won’t say it has been the smoothest of processes by a long shot. It’s been punctuated by me chasing my provider for updates of an install that has been both ignored by NBN for two weeks before even filing an […]


How Good is it to be Australian…

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This last six weeks has been extremely challenging, from an emotional, psychological and financial perspectives. All in all I’m fairly exhausted and feel like I’ve run out of steam and yet keep rolling along being pulled by a tow rope that’s taking me nowhere I want to go. Unemployment has finally taken it’s forgone conclusion […]


Biting the Bullet…

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Less angry than yesterday, after nothing is going to change except my behaviour. I can’t afford to get bitter when I’m already struggling against falling down another pit of Depression.


Breadcrumbs & Salt…

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Less than impressed today. Apparently my “overly generous” unemployment support has been reduced with a fine for “non compliance”, i.e. not logging onto an online course. Fine equals 10% of benefit. Hilarious.


Well it’s finally time to say goodbye to SuSE. I’ve been a staunch supporter since Version 6.3 but SLES 12 has finally put me off the distro completely. After messing about for a couple of days trying to get it to do what I want I’ve decided to move over to Centos 7. So far […]


Well seems I’m not out of the woods with the depressive patches. I have been having a very down period this week; partially bought on by painting and varnishing in an enclosed area with what I thought was as much ventilation as I could manage. Clearly it wasn’t enough! Headaches & Nausea for about 36 […]


A Sad End…

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I’m sorry to say that the old Furabg won’t be updating any more. Unfortunately she was taken by a couple of dogs this afternoon. Thankfully it looks like she was literally caught napping and probably didn’t know what happened. It’s fair to say she’s been taking it tough the last seven months, clearly not taking […]


There was a time not too long ago (1990’s & early 2000’s) when a TV series had a season to warm up. Not only that, a Season was a good 20+ episodes. A series had time to grow, find it’s feet and an audience had time to see the multi-dimensionality of characters, and the ideas […]


For a short week it’s been a very very LONG week! Can’t wait for 17:00 tomorrow. This week i’ve been filling two roles, and I’ve been dragged into more work politics than I’d like: I can’t wait to go back to being a “pleb” on the ground. I’m much happier forgetting the politics and getting […]


The Fellowship Fails…

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It seems that my wait for “Lord of the Rings” movie on Blue-Ray is going to have to wait longer, very disenchanting review for the April Release. Not only is it less than “Reference Quality”, but it’s ONLY the Theatrical Releases and no new extras. Feeling very disappointed, as I WAS going to buy this […]


Blowing STEAM…

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Fuckitty Fuck Fuck!! I hate STEAM. I have definitely just bought my last PC game ever I think. It’s bad enough that Supreme Commander 2 is Steam, but I can’t even fucking install the game for 2.5 more days, because EVEN THOUGH I’ve just puchased the media today (i.e. disc), I’m not able to install […]


Well glad I’m not big fan of buying PC games nowadays. I might have bought Mass Effect 2 or Bioshock 2 for the PC, and been really fucking pissed that I paid to be stuffed around: and those who don’t pay have all the fun and no inconvenience! Admittedly I won’t buy these games for […]



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It seems that every time I visit someone who’s logged into Facebook at the time I’m even more astounded than the last with the amount of mindless Neo-nazism, other assorted Bigotry and poor spelling. It needs to be renamed to Farcebook. Interestingly certain Government impositions won’t be filtering such social perniciousness. Perhaps it’s a “good” […]


I generally find today and the following few frustrating for the hypocrisy. When it takes a commercialized “holiday” to “bring families together” it seems we as a society are generally lacking. However, I’m hosting the members today, so I’m treating today as the tribal gathering to lay offerings to the ancient hunting deity Furbag. Apparently […]


On the Lamb…

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Furbag boycotted curfew last night, and I’m not a happy camper about it. Unfortunately with the current Food War (i.e. the current food strike), sending her to bed without supper is hardly punishment: So stalemated!


In it’s Prime …

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It’s been a good week since I got back to BAU ata work, Transition now behind me! It could be quite intersting politically at work soon, but that might get documented in a later post. So a good week has been had, and to top it off, I managed to pickup Star Trek the Original […]


The Taste of Freedom…

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I’m beginning to wonder whether I’m fast becoming redundant to the Furbag. Now it seems I’m only required as a source of food and a back warmer! I guess that means the door’s a success. I’m trying to snap a photo of her using the door, but it seems that is a bit tricky at […]


Revenge of Furbag…

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I had been planning on seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight, but Furbag’s had me up since 05:00 this morning, and I just didn’t think I would last the movie out. Even went into work at 07:00 because I’d decided it was useless to try and sleep past 6 this morning. Curse […]


The Whim of Aurora…

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Age and Wisdom is all well and good: unfortunately the body doesn’t get wiser, only more fragile!


Release (Candidate) Me…

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Well I bit the bullet tonight and installed the Windows 7 RC (64) tonight just to see if it looks even remotely like a reasonable upgrade to XP. The installation was certainly the most uninteractive windows install I’ve experienced in all my windows installs going right back to Windows 2. But that said, it did […]


Out the Door

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This is my new journal, I’ve decided to begin hosting my own blog since I’ve been hosting Furbag’s for quite a while now. I’ll probably be more likely to post here from now on and Livejournal will probably get much less attention as far as postings go. If you’re interested in some back reading, check […]