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    Nary a Breeze…

    2016 - 10.08

    I must have been more tired than I realised, as I slept in until after 07:00 this morning, so getting to the Grampians at a reasonable time didn’t really happen. Shot a text to Tony apologising, thinking that if the Weather isn’t as bad as they are predicting, I should get there on Sunday instead.

    Given that the weather was fantastic today for Macro Shooting, that is barely a breeze, I spent the afternoon out shooting various subjects around home. I pulled out the Stackshot and had some further practise with it and the iPad software. The lack of breeze did allow me to get some wonderfully stacked Macro shots. Those of you on the mailing list will have seen a few of them. I was pretty happy with the results and look forward to some more work with the gear later in the week.