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I don’t know why I would begin to think to the contrary, but the Runes were spot on yet again. Doors have closed, some things are lost, perhaps others were never really there. Intentionally or not there’s just nothing left to connect on. Either way suddenly I realise that there’s just no place for me […]


Runes and a Tarot reading by a friend resonate with my guts, tough choices ahead, moving on from certain things and August is around the corner. Dreams scarier than normal. I’m hoping that with the roller coaster year I’ve had, August will be less difficult that it often is for me. Starting the month with […]

If someone finds my brain on the ground, can they please put it back in my skull, because I think I’ve misplaced it and filled the cavity with cotton wool instead. Runes say patience, but great upheaval and a change that cannot be undone have already been set in motion. Today I just don’t know. […]

I’ve spent the best parts of both my teenage and adult life avoiding being close to people and letting them into who I am. I’ve used sex as an avoidance mechanism and it’s worked so successfully, that when it came down to it, Sammy and I couldn’t allow ourselves (either of us) to loosen the […]

My Runes are telling my it’s going to be tough going with the Cosmos in the medium term, that I need to change and that much that was, needs to be left behind. There is no satisfactory refuge that isn’t a failure to face reality. I feel like I’m in Milkwood. I think I need […]


Obviously I don’t have all the holes plugged up yet, the Committee’s running rampant and I am just not yet able to hand it over to the Cosmos. I’ve been here before, you’d think it would have become easy by now. As Caligula states in the movie of the same name, “you can’t have both […]



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A tough week at work exacerbated by family factors at other times! Furbag has been equally tough on me this week for no apparent reason. However work’s done for the week, off until Tuesday. Looking forward to something different. My Runes have been hopeful this week, but none boding fruition in the short term. I’m […]


The Way Forward…

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On pondering someone far away at this time I drew these…


I generally find today and the following few frustrating for the hypocrisy. When it takes a commercialized “holiday” to “bring families together” it seems we as a society are generally lacking. However, I’m hosting the members today, so I’m treating today as the tribal gathering to lay offerings to the ancient hunting deity Furbag. Apparently […]


Goodbye Sammy *sigh*


Of Tomes, Old and New…

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The last couple of years has seen my reading for pleasure dropping right down to a very bare level. Seems since I’ve spent so much time over the last few years reading for study or work, I’ve drifted away from the practice of reading for pleasure. And the times I have picked up a book, […]


Rune Reading 12th April 2009

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Basically the question was “Is this a flower for the garden, or just a wistful view from the train passing by?” Referring to a specific person I’ve been having contact with recently. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask the question.