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I was commenting in a photography blog earlier in response to the question, “is an Artist born?” I think it’s quite a nuanced answer. Some of the conversation mirrored what I seem to be hearing a lot today: that creatives are artists. I am of the opinion that there’s a difference between being creative and […]


The Art Life…

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I’ve been watching The Art Life, a documentary about David Lynch and “The Art Life”. It’s such a different picture of David Lynch than I’ve previously had, so much so that I was wondering if there are two David Lynch artists, the Director and the Artist. By that I mean literally separate human beings. But […]


Back Through the Archives…

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Morning of sorting through Archives & Backups to determine what can be trashed. Watch a french movie called “Livide”, which was a pleasant change from the fairly slash happy, saw ‘em up type of Horror film we get these days almost all the time.


The Truth is out There…

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The Truth may well be out there, but given that the bulk of people in this country who actually will be keen to watch X-files show no interest in waiting for anything else they want to watch and will most likely download it to watch, I can’t see that the network 10 is doing themselves […]


Goodbye Major Tom…

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The Entertainment Industry has lost a extremely talented person today with the death of David Bowie. I wish his essence the best of journeys.


I was saddened this morning to hear that Leonard Nimoy is DEAD! The Man who became an Icon: Spock is Dead…


The Big Sleep (lack of)…

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Now I finally get to be like Sam Spade… L.A. Noire has arrived and I saved at least $30! Loving that Oz Games Shop!


There was a time not too long ago (1990’s & early 2000’s) when a TV series had a season to warm up. Not only that, a Season was a good 20+ episodes. A series had time to grow, find it’s feet and an audience had time to see the multi-dimensionality of characters, and the ideas […]


30 Days & 30 Nights…

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Well with a slight “blip”, I’ve made 30 days without a JB purchase, which is a significant landmark for me. Not since the store first opened here have I gone a month without a purchase! Can’t say I’ve really saved any money yet, but have spent it on more “productive” things with regard to working […]


January Resolution…

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Nothing from JB. Fail…

It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for years to get my hands on even a 75% decent copy of Pasolini’s Salò. Anything that’s been available in this country in the last 2 decades has been very average quality at best. But today I managed to come across a copy of the Blue-Ray […]


A Taste of Gold Harry…

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A couple of months ago I’d received some Gold Class Gift Vouchers from two separate people for whom I’d done some PC recovery work. Since it seemed only fitting I try and make it a worthwhile jaunt, I took Barb to see Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1 in Gold Class on Friday night. I’d […]


I picked up the Alien Quadrilogy on Blue-Ray today, and now I’ve watched “Alien” tonight. It’s magnificent. I saw it when it was released in 1979, and I’ve not seen this film look so good except at the cinema those times I’ve seen it there (a few over the years when it’s been on). I’ve […]


As expendable as my income…

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I went to see “The Expendables” tonight, and I’m left in turmoil dealing with the characterisation from Stallone, of a Spiritual and Emotional mercenary…Still it was a bit of a hoot. Interesting to see that the over the top “exploding gore” and hand held WoMD are slipping into “acceptable use” in films now.


Beyond Poe…

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Went to see Inception tonight with an old friend whom I’ve not seen since the start of the year. Odd experience I must say on both accounts. This is one of those movies I feel the need to see again to get my head completely around and I feel as much confused as I enjoyed […]


Safety Chute…

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How is it that “Bladerunner” always manages to ground me when much fails?

I’ve spent the best parts of both my teenage and adult life avoiding being close to people and letting them into who I am. I’ve used sex as an avoidance mechanism and it’s worked so successfully, that when it came down to it, Sammy and I couldn’t allow ourselves (either of us) to loosen the […]


Automatic purchase…

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Well there are times I just can’t help myself and just cave in to the instant gratification and lack of thought. After all my ranting and concern about the release of Lord of the Rings on Blue-Ray, what did I do? I walked straight into JB today and walked out with a copy of each […]


Fun night, bit of “hanging” around with “encouragement” by an old friend, although left to sleep alone and no breakfast duet… 🙁 Still worked off the week’s work angst 🙂 And it rained last night and this morning, so a not too shabby start to a weekend. Did manage a quick slip into JB HiFi […]


For a short week it’s been a very very LONG week! Can’t wait for 17:00 tomorrow. This week i’ve been filling two roles, and I’ve been dragged into more work politics than I’d like: I can’t wait to go back to being a “pleb” on the ground. I’m much happier forgetting the politics and getting […]


The Fellowship Fails…

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It seems that my wait for “Lord of the Rings” movie on Blue-Ray is going to have to wait longer, very disenchanting review for the April Release. Not only is it less than “Reference Quality”, but it’s ONLY the Theatrical Releases and no new extras. Feeling very disappointed, as I WAS going to buy this […]



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Finger Food & Movies for now (nothing to do with sex & porn).


More than a drop…

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Finally a bit of relief from the heat, and potentially relieving the chance of fire! I love rain. I’d live where it rained 12 hours a day and 20 degree temperatures if I could just find somewhere that did that without the humidity. But sadly such is not the case. To paraphrase the innocent Maria: […]


A trek for Trek…

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I had to chase 3 shops before I found a copy of Star Trek. JB Hi Fi incredibly were shut for Stocktake! I can’t believe that a Blue-Ray disc that I’m likely to pay top dollar for, couldn’t be obtained from JB Hi Fi on the day! Next was Big W, being close, and still […]


A new Trek…

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After being awakened brutally by the Furbag at 05:30 and unable to return to sleep I was up bright and early. Looking forward to picking up the Star Trek Movie today sometime. Hopefully it’s in, and hopefully they don’t run out.