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    The Daily Grind…

    2015 - 03.30

    Well it’s been a tough couple of weeks at work, but I’ve managed to plug out over a hundred tickets over the last fortnight. That’s damn good work even for me! Still does make me feel good about that side of things to know I’m in there and pulling my weight. This week is a four day week for me, and I can’t say I’m too upset about that either. I’ve been working hard at working off the 40 hours of leave I had over my sick leave. and just about to hit single figures this week. Won’t clear it all I don’t think but end of next week I should be square.

    Cardboard Everywhere…

    2015 - 03.30

    I’ve been on a board games spree this last month, catching up on all the titles I’d been putting off last year. But now that I’ve cleared those credit cards, I’ve been catching up. Latest to join the cupboard of “board gaming goodness” are the following titles listed below.

    Descent: Journeys in the Dark Version 2 and all the expansions for it.
    Descent: Journeys in the Dark Version 2 conversion kit for Version 1.
    Merchant of Venus.
    Battle of Five Armies.
    Eldritch Horror and Mountains of Madness Expansion.

    Last weekend the Photography took a second place to the gaming. Speaking of Gaming, I have finally got to play what will most likely be the last computer game I buy: Pillars of Destiny. I’ve been looking forward to this games for months. The wait is over and it’s every bit as good as I’d hoped. For fans of the BG I & II, Icewind Dale and Torment games, look no further for you reprise of a dose of good old fashioned RPG.

    And as an aside there’s a nice new Macbook Pro on it’s way too. The PC is being donated to a friend who no doubt will relish every windows moment! The PC hasn’t been used since over a year ago when I bought the 27″ iMac.

    “Enfant Terrible”…

    2015 - 03.21

    Clearly Chemoux is catching birds too. She brought one in at about 06:00 that was the size of a mouse. Just like her “aunt” she likes to show off the hunting skills but not hand over the prey. Still bloody dark! How do they do it?

    Lazy Sunday Morning…

    2015 - 03.15

    Over a year ago I shutdown the Windows PC and I’ve not used it for that period. Everything I do I do in OS X now, and Linux. The occasional use of Windows can be dealt with in a Virtual via Virtualbox. So today I’ve fired up the Windows PC, given it the updates, updated a couple of applications on it and then created a Virtual HD of it to pull into Virtual Box on the iMac. The hardware itself is going to a friend, except the HDDs. The SSDs are becoming drives in the MacMinis using the second HDD kits I bought some time ago from ifixit.

    Uploaded some more shots to Alamy and just have to wait for them to be passed through QA.

    Work is seemingly more insane by the day. Once upon a time you could only notice the sanity factor slipping every few weeks, or roughly a month at a time. Now it’s noticeable day by day. I wandered into work the other morning and there was a guy flaked out on the desk as if he was dead. I thought he was for a minute. Then I noticed him breathing. He was in a locked room, so I couldn’t do any more, I’d banged on the door and rang the phone. He was that soundly asleep I couldn’t wake him. His manager apparently thinks that is ok. *shrug* That’s the sort of thing that tells you the place is batshit crazy. But I’ve made it through the week, and relaxed all weekend so far.

    Other than the above, not much news. I think Chemoux has a cold, she’s sneezing a lot last couple of days. :S

    What’s in a Name…

    2015 - 03.10

    Well the long weekend has passed, and already I feel like it’s Thursday, not a Pseudo-Monday! Only 3 days to go, but it feels like I’ve already waded through four with another four in front. I think I’d feel better if I’d managed to end up with more useable shots from yesterday. However as happens, “there’s days you do, and days you don’t”.

    That said, yesterday WAS and interesting day despite some poor timing on my part. I met a person who was very helpful with local information for one of the sites I visited yesterday. I’ll keep hold of that for a further visit. It’s wonderful how complete strangers can just strike up a wonderfully rich conversation on a shared interest, and not get around to asking names until saying “Goodbye, oh by the way, my name’s …

    There’s No Price on Friendship (except perhaps Pride)…

    2015 - 03.02

    Today I renewed an old and for a time “broken” friendship. I’m gladdened and appreciative that it’s been returned in kind. It’s the second significant and important friendship I’ve managed to renew in the last few years. These are the things money just doesn’t buy no matter how much you have or don’t have, all that’s required is effort and willingness to put into it.