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    Brain Fade…

    2015 - 04.27

    Given that I’ve not been able to do much for the last week or so, and the only outing I’ve had in about 10 days was with Stefan weekend before last. Nothing much to write about this weekend, other than I’ve spent a few days ironing the wrinkles out of the Virtual Infrastructure changes. At this stage Web and Email servers are finished, the old windows file server has been decommissioned and the requisite files and network share been remapped in group policy to keep what’s left of the windows Virtual Environment happy.

    So just so that it can be seen that I have been out at least once in the last fortnight, I’ve attached a photo taken by Stefan while we were at the Trenthan falls and I was puzzling over which switch turned on the remote I was about to use since I’d not used it in months and had forgotten without looking.


    Yes tragic isn’t it!

    Wait was that SLES Slipping Out the Door…

    2015 - 04.22

    Well it’s finally time to say goodbye to SuSE. I’ve been a staunch supporter since Version 6.3 but SLES 12 has finally put me off the distro completely. After messing about for a couple of days trying to get it to do what I want I’ve decided to move over to Centos 7. So far it’s only been the Apache server that’s been migrated, but the mail server and the DNS will be done over the next week or two. I think the most annoying thing was that when I was trying to migrate the Mail Server SuSE just have in the administration documentation. There’s currently no supported configuration modules for dovecot in SLES 12. But they took out Cyrus! Argh!

    Anyway Centos all the way now. And to be honest, I can’t say I feel particularly sorry. I’ll take the bagging from a few mates for finally seeing the light, and hope I don’t have to see the SLES again.

    I’ve also configured an OS X server for the wiki at home now. This pleases me too.

    Maintenance Time…

    2015 - 04.12

    Well no photography this weekend, been trying to stave off this cold that keeps “pecking” away at me. Weather’s been a little cool for me to feel comfortable about wandering about the countryside even if it was going to be both fun and productive. There’s alway next weekend. I did notice a few fungi in the backyard, so maybe they’re going to be early this year. It’s not been much of a summer from a weather perspective.

    While I have spent much of the weekend on other technologies, I have at least done a bit of maintenance, and checked all the gear. Lenses have been cleaned, exteriors of lenses and cameras brushed clean, batteries charged up, and flash batteries checked too.

    On the software side, updates have been applied, firmware checked on the cameras and flashes, and there’s been a bit of a clearing out of some old photos not really coming up to scratch now days. I also made sure that backups are up to date, and that there’s an extra one for offsite.

    I’ve collected receipts for tax time as that will be coming up on me quickly, and I really need to be motivated to get that in early.

    Virtually Transitioning…

    2015 - 04.12

    So as it stands, the Furbags and I have spent most of the weekend around home and keeping warm.

    I took the opportunity to do a couple of things in the study I’ve been waiting for some “significant” reason to make the time to do. Rebuilt a lot of the virtual environments on VMware. I bought a copy of Fusion for the iMac, then decided I liked it so much I could make use of the “Pro” version. The additional features, at least a lot of them were worth having it seemed to me. I’ve been a supporter of Virtualbox for many years, and was quite happy with it most of the time, but every so often it’s bitten me in the arse in some way or another. The Server environment is still sitting on Virtualbox, but perhaps not for much longer. There’s need for some adjustments and that may just entail using VMware for the next incarnation.

    As much as I’ve been a fan of Virtualbox with it’s consistency across platforms, even to the point of using it over HyperV in my work environment, things have started to creep in that have left me wondering whether it was time to look at other options. So far I don’t feel I’ve lost anything, and gained quite a bit.