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More on Facelifts…

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Well I didn’t get to post a photo the next night, been a tad busy last few days. Anyway, here’s one. Doesn’t show the whole finished room but does give a better idea of how the wall came up.



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Well the Final Coat is on, it seems to have come up alright. Remember always undercoat! Also the initial facilities are in place. I’ll slip a photo up tonight, running out of time, to work I must away.


Well second coat is on, and unfortunately, it’s going to take a third. Lesson learned: Undercoat! Undercoat! Undercoat! So Lunch, then off to buy another tin, as I’ve got to make sure I have enough for the last 2 rooms when I’m ready to do them. However they will get undercoat!


A New Coat of Paint…

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Well started out today feeling like I was in a bit of a hole. I Didn’t sleep well at all last night, and struggled to get to sleep as it was by early hours of the morning. However getting a substantial amount of preparation, and the painting of the first coat done for upstairs, and […]


Feels like I’ve slipped back a little over the last few weeks, but having talked to GP and couple of others who also are on AD’s it’s not unusual to experience a bit of a flat “settling” spot. Anyway I’m going to implement another change to the way I work, and hopefully that will lessen […]


Yes, yesterday was hard. Today’s even harder… Hopefully as the week goes by it will get easier. I feel like I’m walking in a Blizzard, while underneath my feet is a quagmire that is slowly but ever so surely still drowning me in mediocrity and hopelessness. But where is the lifeline… Well the best I […]


Slogging on…

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Well I’d like to say it’s great to be going back after 10 days leave, but the truth is I’m not at all. Best things about this morning so far have been the porridge and the rain. Oh and of course Tiggakat jumping in and out due to the rain within the span of every […]


OS Purge…

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It’s been a while, but I’m seriously preparing for the removal of the last vestiges of Windows from the Andulain.net domain. I’ve not used my PC for over 200 days now, the iMac 27″ has seen to that. I’m no longer buying games that don’t provide an OS X client as part of their offering. […]


Looking I see that it’s been about 6 months since I last updated. During that last 6 months quite a bit has happened, mainly on the Depression front. Obviously this was the main task to deal with over the last six months, as I was disappearing down a vortex, feeling like I was never to […]