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    As expendable as my income…

    2010 - 09.06

    I went to see “The Expendables” tonight, and I’m left in turmoil dealing with the characterisation from Stallone, of a Spiritual and Emotional mercenary…Still it was a bit of a hoot. Interesting to see that the over the top “exploding gore” and hand held WoMD are slipping into “acceptable use” in films now.

    And the answer is: not 42…

    2010 - 09.06

    Well the year rolls over, and the birthday shag tradition is intact just…
    The Cosmos certainly toted with me though: I had no power from 0:45 Sunday morning until 18:30 Sunday evening. I’d rescheduled twice in anticipation of the worst! But fortunately all was sorted with time to spare. Considering my guest / present was traveling this had had me sweating (in a bad way).
    Anyway saw in the early early morn in the most fitting way I can think of for such a day and that’s the main thing.
    The Cosmos provides.