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    Moving back inside…

    2011 - 03.26

    Most of the last 24 hours’ waking moments have been spent in rearranging the Study around a new desk (courteousy of Dusty) to replace the 2 old ones I’ve been carting about since 1990.

    Study full view

    Study full view with bookcase moved to the left

    At the moment it’s cost me the second PC in the Study but I’ve gained much desk space compared to the old arrangement. Not only does it look better, tidier and more organised, but the snake pit of cables has been vanquished!
    Desk wide view

    View showing luxurious desk space to the left and lack of cables underneath compared to previous arrangement

    And just to remind those who’ve not seen how it was for a while.
    Old version

    Old version complete with the ubiquitous snake pit... Admittedly this isn't the most recent of photos, but it hadn't changed all that much in the last two years.

    Paul Bunyan…

    2011 - 03.23

    Earlier this year you may remember a somewhat wild Thursday night which caused substantial damage across the state. I had a tree up the North Eastern corner of my block come down that night. Mostly due to the water in the ground the previous few weeks and the high winds that night. Basically it just lent over and went to sleep on the shed roof of my neighbour over the back fence.

    Old Man Gum Sleeping

    Old Man Gum Sleeping

    This is the first time I’ve had to document the lumberjack activities of the weekend a fortnight ago. One could call it a “family” outing. My Father, Uncle and myself (with a brief cameo from Patriko) made a morning of it with assorted ropes and a couple of chainsaws. The results was:

    A Sad but necessary situation

    A Sad but necessary situation

    Fortunately no damage done to fence or shed.

    As good as before

    As good as before

    Hopefully a fence that will last some years yet, and probably the shed too!


    2011 - 03.06

    First coat is done and if you look carefully, you can see the couple of areas that got a second coat with the last of the paint at about 20:30 in the evening. It was bigger job than I thought. I did however get a second coat on the rear support posts and cross bar, so that’s done now.

    First coat

    Even though I finished this at 20:30 last night, this morning wildlife was returning.

    After a second coat all over, it should be good for some years. I’ll be putting some mesh along the back of it (out of sight in these) to train the Honey Suckle & Jasmine up for next summer.

    Year 3 time to improve…

    2011 - 03.05

    It’s now my third year in this house, and I’ve started to get the urge to change or improve things that I’ve decided aren’t quite how I’d like them now. When I bought this house one of the criteria was that I didn’t need to do any serious maintenance for at least 2 years. This idea was partially based on suggestions from a couple of friends who said “…take some time to decide what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.”

    Well Last weekend I started on the Pergola.

    Painting the Pergola

    I’ve also got to complete the staining of the windows on the far side of the house. Last summer I started, but since I wasn’t sure how it was going to look, I didn’t buy a large quantity of stain. I’ve since bought more and will hopefully finish this by next weekend.

    Partial corner showing difference

    And the bigger view

    How it's shaping up

    As you can see it lifts the old wood up quite a bit.

    There’s also a few other tasks on the list at this stage. For most I’m hoping they’ll be finished before the Equinox.