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    Those Clever Little Kitties…

    2012 - 09.06

    Apparently Furbag & Tigga managed to slip down to JB Hifi and pickup the newly released Star Trek: Next Generation Season 1 on Blue-Ray for me. It always amazes me how those paws manage to stick in the pin on the eftpos…

    Thy Time is now Two Score & Nine

    2012 - 09.06

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been mid February since the last update. Much has happened, but not necessarily much worth telling I guess! Back in the End of March I had a new arrival:Tigga. Yes another “Death Row Moggie”. At the time she was 3 months old, making her now about 8 months old. It seemed time for Furbag to have a successor lined up. Needless to say I’ve had to pay the price for my folly there!

    Looking Good

    Tigga in all her Glory

    For just over five months I’ve had to put up with a different Furbag; one that seems to be invested with an extra personality that I don’t recall before. I’ll grant that after 5 months she’s started to mellow a smidgeon, but only to the point of tolerating Tigga on the bed with me as the “Berlin Wall”. I’m sure Furbag will have much to complain about on her blog.

    Work’s been very depressing over the last 6 months, I feel like I’m the Protagonist in “The System of Dr Tarr & Professor Fether” suddenly realising who’s locked up and who’s not…

    On the plus I’ve been reinvigorating my environment and infrastructure by the purchase of a few domains of my choice, and moving my whole virtual environment from Xen on Linux to VirtualBox on Mac OS X. So the Virtual Environment of a year ago is no more. I now have the whole “andulain.net” domain being serviced by 5 servers running on a Mac Mini with 16 Gig of RAM, an SSD (60 Gig) & a 750 Gig (7200) HDD. There’s still room for 2 more servers, and the whole thing is not missing a beat so far. I was so impressed, I have retired the iMac I’ve had for four and a half years, and replaced it with another Mac Mini with 8 Gig of RAM. Currently I’ve lent the iMac to my niece to bring her over to the dark side.

    In my usual tradition I saw one year out and another one in with the mandatory shag, so yes another year (birth) has come & gone, nearly 17 of which the Furbag has shared with me.

    Partners come & go, but the pussy stays it seems…