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    A trek for Trek…

    2009 - 10.27

    I had to chase 3 shops before I found a copy of Star Trek. JB Hi Fi incredibly were shut for Stocktake! I can’t believe that a Blue-Ray disc that I’m likely to pay top dollar for, couldn’t be obtained from JB Hi Fi on the day! Next was Big W, being close, and still no banana. Finally I had to resort to Sanity (one of my last choices for media shopping) to purchase it at a whopping $42. Still The movie is top notch reproduction, and plenty of extras, including a 3rd disc digital copy with OS X software to place the copy in iTunes & allow transfer to my iPhone. Hmm, I like this package. I could almost cite this as the most interesting Blue-Ray title I’ve yet bought! I can hardly wait until tonight to watch it, but I’m determined to get some useful tasks done today before enjoying this one tonight.

    Hmm, that’s a lot of “!” in the above. 🙂

    Not all of my trip out this morning was mindless selfishness. I also set up Dad’s Digital Set Top box for him, although he’s going to have to upgrade his connecting cable for best picture. Still it work’s and that’s the main thing to satisfy him that he’s got his money’s worth.

    A new Trek…

    2009 - 10.27

    After being awakened brutally by the Furbag at 05:30 and unable to return to sleep I was up bright and early.

    Looking forward to picking up the Star Trek Movie today sometime. Hopefully it’s in, and hopefully they don’t run out.

    Any other Monday…

    2009 - 10.26

    What started out as a fairly relaxed and unproductive day turned into one far more satisfying in the end. Not that it’s very exciting for others, but I finally got my last gutter (roof) cleaned and hopefully sealed that voodoo leak. I’ll have to wait until it rains before I know it’s fixed though. Other than that it was get the housework out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of my holidays without feeling like I need to do things less enjoyable. Bit more stuff to do in the yard, but that’s going to wait until later in the week. I’ll have a couple of visitors near the end of the week and over the next weekend so no opportunity to leave it until then.

    If: it’s only a very very problematic word…

    2009 - 10.25

    I never, never fail to be amazed at the strange twists of the Cosmos. As usual, just when I think I have a firm grip on reality, the Cosmos demonstrates immediately to me that it’s all precarious and can flip on the draw of a rune so to speak…

    I thought I had a comfortable handle on certain things being the way they were, and that was the state of play. A fantasy, was comfortably just that: a fantasy. Warm, fuzzy, sexy, dirty and accepted as just that!  Then someone told me something that fairly fucking blew me away.  There could have been a different reality, feelings, at least some of them were reciprocal.

    I’m rambling I know.  It’s very rare for me to feel so instantly attracted to someone so completely in all ways, let alone in the first few instants that I meet them. It’s only happened once before in fact. Those feelings still hold too,  about fifteen years later. But I have never been given a straight answer by her, indeed Barb is a different story altogether. But in both cases, a Fantasy might have been if only the time and place were different.

    In this case now though things are a little different. This time though things were stated a little more clearly. *Sigh* I’d been comfortable that things were one sided, and all was right in the Cosmos. People were where people were and it was all as it should be.

    Now don’t get me wrong, People are obviously where they are meant to be, it’s just that I KNOW that had the time and place been different some things I desire may have come to pass, whereas in “this” reality much must remain in Fantasy, and I accept limits on what may be experienced. I may lust, but not consumate.  I may be close but I’ll never be close enough either physically or emotionally or spirtually. I’ll never feel her heat or warm embrace.  We’ll never just lie in bed entwined and listening to the pattering and look out the window at the rain on a lazy morning

    How is this any different from the way it was just a couple of days ago you may ask? There is only one difference, a hope  and desire turned to fact, the perversity of the Cosmos and Chronos have given me a glimpse of another possible reality.  I’m glad I had the glimpse, it’s made me happy in an odd sort of way,  but there’s no doubt it’s shaken me. It has been a few years since I had the rug pulled out from under me. So be it, I’ll recover, and my Cosmic guidelines are clear, which makes getting through such much easier.

    Make what sense of all this as best you can, it’s a mere reflection of my scattered thoughts at the moment. I’m just that little bit crazy at the moment…


    2009 - 10.23

    I’ve got holidays for the next 11 days! 🙂


    2009 - 10.21

    It seems in the next few days I pass two anniversaries. A year ago today I broke up with my last partner. In four more days I have been working for my current employer for one year. I’m not really sure what either of these anniversaries really mean, but it’s interesting that I noticed them only a few days ago.

    What’s more interesting I guess is what I’ve managed to gain in the last year by way of achieving a better harmony with the Cosmos. I’d say I’m in a much better space now than I was a year ago. The 12 months prior to a year ago had been emotionally hard. The relationship I was in was obviously dead for both of us, we were just unwilling to take the final (and always difficult) step: that of acknowledging that as a relationship, things were over, and there were no more ways to “fix” things. Thanks to my ex partner’s quick temper, black & white attitude and a frank discussion we could both get on with the moving on! That done, the real recovery could start.

    Now thanks to that tough discussion, I’m more comfortable now than I’ve ever been with my self and my position in the Cosmos is something I could never have imagined 12 months ago. Other relationships has passed out of my life too, the Piper must be paid…I do mourn Sammy moving out of my “reach”, but interestingly in practical terms I’m none the worse for wear for the loss of any of these losses. I do mourn a more distant Sammy though.

    Short of Sammy though, amusement would be my most frequent response when reflecting on the casualties of the past “war”. The Cosmos has filled such voids with new people, or different weightings.

    There’s no doubt that the new job I was about to start at the time has been a tremendous point of stability from which I could bounce off to a new stage in my life. It’s been the right job in the right place at the right time. It allowed me to make other decisions that I’d not seen coming, and there’s no doubt buying a house has been a complete turn about from my previous position on such things. Don’t mistake some minor turnabouts on material perceptions for a complete metaphysical and philosophical about face though. My fundamental philosophies are unchanged. In fact they’ve supported me through one of the most challenging years of my life to this point. In fact this has been the toughest year since I first got clean 19 years ago. Actually that anniversary was less than a fortnight ago: this has really been the month for such things….

    To the Cosmos and all those who’ve helped me over the last 12 months I am most grateful.

    Resistance is futile…

    2009 - 10.18

    As if I don’t have enough Boardgames to catch up on: Fantasy Flight Games have released yet another addition to the Descent series, as well as another expansion! Soon I fear Quest Compendium and Sea of Blood will be joining my collection. *sigh*

    Fortunately (for my wallet) nothing else seems to be looming in the near future…

    Fall from Grace in all directions…

    2009 - 10.18

    Well for a fortnight where I was going to financially behave myself, I certainly fell in a heap this weekend.

    First there were some additions to the “toy drawer” for Friday night’s little escape, then today there was another little crumble when I came home with two external drives (USB), one terabyte drive for a new multimedia store, and the other a 320 Gig to backup the iMac. Both are working swimmingly. I picked up a cheap arse keyboard and some blank DVD’s at the same time, so all in all a total breakdown of resolute saving this fortnight!

    However I’ve managed to not be burned by JB Hifi this week. 🙂

    Cursed and Damned…

    2009 - 10.17

    There is no doubt I’m doomed and going to hell now if I wasn’t before: I’ve fucked a Project Manager with full knowledge of her occupation…

    So when you ask “How are your Stools…”

    2009 - 10.10

    Finally managed to pick up a set of stools for the Kitchen. I’ve been chasing some for a while, and had decided to just “give up” and let the Cosmos provide. As usual the Cosmos did so, and at an exceptional price (4 for $100).

    New Stools

    New Stools

    Don’t think I could have got much better if I’d really tried!