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Unheard of…

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I Finished Alan Wake last night, and have to say it was a great hoot, and interesting take on things. Can’t say I’ve ever finished a game so quick before (8 days), but I don’t feel shortchanged in any way.


Money can buy you sex, even very good sex, but it just can’t buy that wonderful feeling of lying in bed spooning someone you care about deeply… Pity! 🙁


Just how A.Wake am I…

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Bought Alan Wake Collector’s edition last week, and loving it. It’s all I expected it to be. In less than a week I’ve plugged through five episodes. That’s fairly damn fast for me.



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Had been going home on lunch time train, but couple of us decided to walk up past Sammy’s old flat in Windsor then go back to Southbank for lunch at a place she would often go. Seems a nicer way to finish off things.

Well goodbye to Sammy is in the Royal Botanic Gardens Saturday morning. I’m glad because I can catch the Train so I don’t have to drive and find a park. Best of all for me though it’s the last place Sammy and I spent time when we met in Melbourne. I’m sure it wasn’t picked […]

I’ve spent the best parts of both my teenage and adult life avoiding being close to people and letting them into who I am. I’ve used sex as an avoidance mechanism and it’s worked so successfully, that when it came down to it, Sammy and I couldn’t allow ourselves (either of us) to loosen the […]


Pretty Good day. And damn how does someone catch me by surprise like that?


A good day today, nothing emotionally excessive, just a few patches of sadness here or there. Things are starting to feel manageable again.

I took today off work to help get my shit together. Went over to Sara’s this morning and had a wonderful time, and didn’t have a single thought about Sammy until I got home early this afternoon. But somewhere between lying in bed this morning with the Committee and getting home, something inside had changed. […]


A simple request…

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Dear Cosmos, I’d really like a day soon when I wasn’t an emotional ricochet all day… PS. don’t tell Furbag, I would like a few more late breakfasts on her part 😉

The untrodden ground of mind and heart Lit just barely through crack in the dark A sliver of light, a pool of warmth bathes that tiniest part of my Soul that until now ne’er been seen ‘cept by one Still, it may be that in days to come there yet be, perhaps another such one

I’m told tonight that Sammy won’t be shipped back she’s being buried in Italy. Susan and Gary have headed over since she’s no family anymore. There’s going to be a service in Melbourne for the rest of us which I’ll be notified soon. There’s been an interesting development for me though, apparently shortly before leaving […]


Frog on a lily

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Tough night, several dreams of losing people, not just Sammy, even the Furbag. Couple of them started out good though only to end badly. Seem more tired than when I went to bed last night! If it hadn’t been that I had so much work at work that had to be done to a timeline […]


A Simple thanks…

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Thanks to all of you who have called, emailed, texted, and dropped in with *hugs*. I’m very appreciative. It’s wonderful to feel care from so many directions, you’re all important to me, and at times I’m wondering if I show it enough. I’m still no wiser than this time last night, but I’m tired and […]



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How is it that she can survive and get through all she did and then be snatched by a fucking accident…


I’ve just received a call tonight to tell me Sammy’s died due to some sort traffic accident in Rome or Munich, no one seems too sure yet. I feel the black closing in and I don’t know how I’m going to do this one…

In the last few days I’ve dipped my feet into a very different world, one that I’d never anticipated. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so clueless about how to be with others (in this case young children). I think I’m doing ok, but it’s all very unnerving, as I’m way out of […]


A moment in time…

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Worth the effort just to see the smile, even if I did blush (NOT)!


Changing Landscapes…

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Strangest day shopping EVER! Not even close to the first change I thought I’d make to the house layout after settling in…


Because I could…

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Migraine for fair chunk of night meant I stayed home today. Byron sent me an SMS asking about posting to a blog by iPhone so I thought I’d try the wordpress out since I run that on bombadil. It did require an update of WordPress to version 2.9.2 but it was about time for that […]


Today is a much better day overall. Things have settled for me, the Committee (in my head) seems to have disbanded and I’m a little less “scatterbrained”. Oddly I think the focus on getting a couple of games finished and not chasing sex as an avoidance has worked! :S I actually think this is one […]

My Runes are telling my it’s going to be tough going with the Cosmos in the medium term, that I need to change and that much that was, needs to be left behind. There is no satisfactory refuge that isn’t a failure to face reality. I feel like I’m in Milkwood. I think I need […]


Ethereal medicine…

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Morning was a bit tough, but made easier by a friend cheering me up although I’m fairly certain she’s unaware how she did. Cosmos always seems to put the right person in the right place at the right time, even if it’s across the Ether!


The World is … Flat!

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Today I seem to lack enthusiasm for anything really, if a Red Head lay in front of me I’d walk on by I think…


This week I plan finish Mass Effect 2 by the end of the week. In fact I will have no sex until I finish this game, so it better be before week’s end, or I’m going to be moving towards a sex free weekend! It’s been too long waiting to finish. I have at least […]