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    The Truth is out There…

    2016 - 01.25

    The Truth may well be out there, but given that the bulk of people in this country who actually will be keen to watch X-files show no interest in waiting for anything else they want to watch and will most likely download it to watch, I can’t see that the network 10 is doing themselves or the show any favours. Personally I for the first time have put money into “pre-ordering” via an Apple TV / iTunes Store Season’s Pass. Yet, I feel I will still get shafted and be waiting an inordinate amount of time to watch this show. I’ve made the gesture of playing the Industry’s game and legally purchased in good faith. I suspect VERY strongly I shall be proved the fool. Where the Entertainment Industry is concerned though, it will be the first and last time. They have only this chance to demonstrate they deserve my business.

    Sailing Rough Seas with Confidence again…

    2016 - 01.21

    I feel at this stage that I’ve made a definite shift that seems to be solidifying into a higher level of satisfaction with life again. The effects of my Depression are diminishing slowly but surely. Even to the point where I’m seriously contemplating a program of coming off the Anti-Depressants. I’ll be discussing this with my GP next visit. It’s been two years now, but only in the last month have I felt that the ground has been made to look at this as the point to consider a regime of reduction and eventual cessation. I’m starting to dream again on a nightly basis, and this is encouraging as I’ve generally not been able to remember many dreams from the last couple of years. It’s quite usual for me to remember several of the night’s dreams after waking, at least for the day. It’s not unusual to remember one or two a week more permanently.

    Recovery to normal balance now seems an achievable goal now.

    I’m making good ground with the “paid” work, and the Photography is proving both enjoyable, and meaningful again. The business side of it is slowly taking shape. A few small sales is encouraging, and provides the small positives to keep moving forward with this endeavour.

    Sharing Good News…

    2016 - 01.17

    Sometimes it’s good for you to hear from somebody else that “Life is Good!”

    So, Life is Very Good at the moment for me. I’d say I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in three years. I’m enjoying work, enjoying my photography, enjoying my life in general. I’m planning for the future. I’m grateful for Friends and Family and really feel that life is worth living lately The Furbags are well and being fairly easy on me at the moment. My Depression is not affecting my quality of life at all over the last few weeks. There’s just nothing to complain about, and that’s fantastic.

    With my best wishes for all. 🙂

    Goodbye Major Tom…

    2016 - 01.11

    The Entertainment Industry has lost a extremely talented person today with the death of David Bowie. I wish his essence the best of journeys.

    The Great Railways of Life…

    2016 - 01.11

    One of the Greatest things I value in friends is the willingness to be honest with you even when they know it’s not what you want to hear. They have your best interests at heart, and want to help you do your best, experience the best and be the best that you can be. Really what more can you ask from a friend other than come for the ride!

    I picture the Journey of Life like a Train Ride where you travel along and can enjoy the scenery along the way to your destination. You can also involve yourself with those around you generally (although not always) in a pleasant and enjoyable fashion. At various points there are Stations (interludes) where you can change your Journey, pick a different Train on a different track to a different destination. At Stations you can do that Randomly or in an Orderly fashion, but generally in safety. Of course you’re free to jump from the Train at any point along the journey, betweens stations, albeit this is not recommended, and extremely risky. I generally don’t ask my friends to join me in such adventures, I think these escapades are best left for solo “flight”. It’s not to say that you won’t survive such a tumble, but choosing your landing site and the speed of the train at which you decided to bail out is recommended.

    If you wish you can continue on the same train until the end of the track. Inevitably this means you either pick a different destination or you’re dead.