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    More Alchemy

    2010 - 11.26

    Apparently once again a kitten has transformed: into a whiteboard!

    Mysterious Alchemy…

    2010 - 11.21

    Last Saturday I thought I’d find an apprentice for the Furbag since the RSPCA was having a program of free moggies. Apparently I can’t tell the difference between a cat and a table tennis table!

    In the pouring rain, Dusty and I spent 15 minutes trying to get a packaged table tennis table into his car missing only by a couple of centimetres! Afer we revised our strategy, we were both soaked through and puzzling over how to hold it in the boot when a generous fellow offered us some rope without any prompting on our part. Following this we cautiously drove back home and constructed said table and no extra cat to be seen.

    I can’t help but wonder what voodoo Furbag has been practising.

    It’s Only Logical…

    2010 - 11.10

    I just spent approx 10 minutes on the phone to Logitech technical support to log a ticket for my dead Harmony 1100i.

    About 3 weeks ago it started to give me problems, and about a week ago just died. Most disappointing and frustrating. I’m amazed how annoying it is to have to go back to multiple remotes. Fortunately I had access to my old 525, and reprogrammed it to get by.

    As far as logging a warranty claim, it was one of the best service desk experiences I’ve had. The consultant was polite, knowledgeable, listened to what I said, didn’t ask me to do steps I’d already done. After a short period he had efficiently arranged an exchange reference for me at my place of purchase. It was simply one of the best warranty claims I’ve ever had to make.

    In Space No One Can Hear You Scream…

    2010 - 11.10

    I picked up the Alien Quadrilogy on Blue-Ray today, and now I’ve watched “Alien” tonight. It’s magnificent. I saw it when it was released in 1979, and I’ve not seen this film look so good except at the cinema those times I’ve seen it there (a few over the years when it’s been on).

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve watch these movies, but this was like watching it afresh. There’s no doubt the first is my personal favourite, it’s always rated in my top ten films! The first in particular is a film with beautiful use of texture and colour, despite it’s attempt to portray space and human society as bleak. This remaster breathes fresh life back into the film for me, I’m drooling (like an Alien) over the richness again.

    Both this and Bladerunner demonstrate what a master of his craft Ridley Scott is and how early he hit his stride.

    I’ve been waiting for this particular release (more than most) since it was clear Blue-Ray was the format for HD, and I’ve not been disappointed. I just hope that Indiana Jones, and Star Wars get such TLC when they’re finally released on BD.

    Cruisin’ Year’s End…

    2010 - 11.07

    Not that far to go and another year will be over, and another to begin! Thing’s been quiet lately; work, exercise, sexercise, and slipping in a bit of non institutional study.

    I’ve had a friend staying with me the last week, and possibly for another few weeks. He’s in a transitional period and needs a base to springboard from while seeking some change. Good to be of help to someone in such a situation, nothing worse than finding out someone needed help and didn’t ask. I’m sure the Cosmos and he will fall back into line soon.

    Went for a trip to Apollo Bay with couple of friends yesterday, it was nice to get back down that way when not doing it for work. It’s always lovely down there, slipping through the Otway Ranges is always good for the soul.

    The Netgear Stora got “forcibly retired”, it’s been replaced with a WD Sharespace, which at least provides more expandability and better management. I’ll add a picture to the blog soon. Other additions to the household lately: new dining table and chairs to match the bar stools (thanks Kingy), and finally a bed in the spare room for those guests not engaging in carnal celebrations while here!