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Over Friday already…

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*sigh* I’m glad it’s Friday, I’m a bit tired of the Political Machinations going on at work lately. Looking forward to just getting out of the place tonight. Going to need some unwinding tonight…


Today I was completely taken aback by the comment of a small child. I’ve been astounded by it all day, and amazed at the impact on me… *shakes head*

A more settled day today. I’m not cured, I’m sure it’s going to take many years for this to desire to be quelled. Still once before 15 years ago this happened, and eventually over the last couple of years has acquiesced to simply a fondness. It may have taken 13 odd years, but it’s intensity […]


Obviously I don’t have all the holes plugged up yet, the Committee’s running rampant and I am just not yet able to hand it over to the Cosmos. I’ve been here before, you’d think it would have become easy by now. As Caligula states in the movie of the same name, “you can’t have both […]


H2O falling…

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Rain…By the Cosmos I love it, it never fails to cheer me and refreshes my Soul!



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A tough week at work exacerbated by family factors at other times! Furbag has been equally tough on me this week for no apparent reason. However work’s done for the week, off until Tuesday. Looking forward to something different. My Runes have been hopeful this week, but none boding fruition in the short term. I’m […]


Simple is best…

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A long and hard working day, but rewarded with seeing a happy and relieved smile and a heartfelt hug. I can’t think of a better sense of having done something good for another.


Over today I’ve spent several hours chatting to different people about life and living. I’ve remembered how lucky I am to be alive AND happy. Obviously happiness is still a commodity in short supply. I guess these days I sort have gotten into the habit of taking the fact I’m happy most of the time […]


Automatic purchase…

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Well there are times I just can’t help myself and just cave in to the instant gratification and lack of thought. After all my ranting and concern about the release of Lord of the Rings on Blue-Ray, what did I do? I walked straight into JB today and walked out with a copy of each […]


And the Raven says Forevermore…

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Mmm… Return to Forever -> Live at Montreux [2008] Takes me back…King Crimson to come after, so a bit of time travel it is for me tonight. Thanks Steve!


We are Family…

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Families: just downright fucking strange!


Fun night, bit of “hanging” around with “encouragement” by an old friend, although left to sleep alone and no breakfast duet… 🙁 Still worked off the week’s work angst 🙂 And it rained last night and this morning, so a not too shabby start to a weekend. Did manage a quick slip into JB HiFi […]


Friday, not any other day…

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Seriously can’t wait for work to be over today. Runes are clear, so I’ve sent the word out, and looking forward to some dining, “de-stressing” and curling up in bed with someone tonight and breakfast in the morning.


For a short week it’s been a very very LONG week! Can’t wait for 17:00 tomorrow. This week i’ve been filling two roles, and I’ve been dragged into more work politics than I’d like: I can’t wait to go back to being a “pleb” on the ground. I’m much happier forgetting the politics and getting […]


The Fellowship Fails…

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It seems that my wait for “Lord of the Rings” movie on Blue-Ray is going to have to wait longer, very disenchanting review for the April Release. Not only is it less than “Reference Quality”, but it’s ONLY the Theatrical Releases and no new extras. Feeling very disappointed, as I WAS going to buy this […]


Nice way to finish a work week…

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Left work this morning at 06:30 for a drive to SA Border and back to do 2 jobs! Amazing Fog all the way this morning, with only a break for 1km each side of Hamilton. Neither job had any surprises which was absolutely amazing considering the drive. Back home by 14:30 SO pretty much a […]