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    Drip, Drop, Pitter, Patter (and NOT little feet)…

    2011 - 02.18

    I’m yet to fully discern what lies behind my adoration / obsession with rain, listening to the rain: basically doing anything in the rain. All I know is that I rarely feel so at peace with the Cosmos as when listening to rain or being in the rain. There are two earliest recollections of rain of which I’m aware at this stage.

    I have  one of lying in my bed at night when young listening to the rain in the dark for what seemed like hours, floating away on the sound, merging with the rain. Somehow I feel a sense of innocence and purity when I recall this experience.

    The other is of sitting under a Willow Tree by the lake near my home on an afternoon, simply watching the rain fall onto the surface of the lake, listening to the symphony of tiny splashes, eventually building up to a fair crescendo as the rain got heavier. I remember the light breeze and fresh smell I’ve come to appreciate like few others. I was to have an early sexual experience in that same spot a few years later, in the rain, partially chosen because of the sense of safety I’d felt there on several occasions, and because we both liked the area. It was one of my few early experiences where I felt some emotional connection to the girl I was with, making it something more than just “getting it”…Not so innocent, but still something potent.

    30 Days & 30 Nights…

    2011 - 02.14

    Well with a slight “blip”, I’ve made 30 days without a JB purchase, which is a significant landmark for me.

    Not since the store first opened here have I gone a month without a purchase! Can’t say I’ve really saved any money yet, but have spent it on more “productive” things with regard to working on the house.

    There will begin changes ever so slowly…

    Inside the White Whale

    2011 - 02.14

    Amusing anecdote from work for a change.

    I needed to take the work van out on some rounds today. There was not much in the rear compartment, and without a “cargo net” to hold things in place things seemed to be sliding about too much. So I pulled up out the front of work, got out and climbed into the back of the van to shuffle things about to not roll about. In those few seconds, the back door shut and I realised that I was shut in the back. NO problem you would think, I had the key. Unfortunately you can’t open the rear doors from the inside. The Side door to the van was apparently jammed, and I remember it being so some time before. I’d thought that had been repaired on it’s last trip to fleet. Apparently not!

    So although I had the keys, and could unlock the van I still couldn’t exit because of said issue. No problem, I’ll just ring someone to come and let me out you would think. Well, I’d left the Blackberry in the front console of the van, and we have a cage across the back of the cargo bay to prevent whatever’s in the rear from making it’s way to the front uninvited!@! No joy there.

    Fortunately I had the iPhone in my pocket. First 2 people I rang didn’t answer (argh!), third person did…luckily (phew, getting warm in the back by now).

    Escape realized, but obviously at my expense 🙂

    Echoes from a Not So Distant Past…

    2011 - 02.14

    It would seem that I’d not dealt with the dregs of a previous relationship as well as I’d thought: apparently there’s more to resolve within myself! Despite no contact for several years now, there’s apparently still some anger and pain. Work to be done for sure…

    And Then There Were Two…

    2011 - 02.13

    It’s Two Years today that I settled on this house, so it’s a day of reflection and fun. I’m just starting to make a few changes now, as I didn’t want to do anything drastic until I’d been in the house for at least a year. I’d also not wanted or needed to do anything major to the house for these two years, but now I’ve got the “bug” to start.

    Upcoming tasks:

    • Paint the facia boards, and pergola.
    • Finish staining the spare bedroom, bathroom and study windows.
    • Try and get some new trees in to replace the ones that are dying due to the extended drought.
    • There’s also a need to cut down a few dead trees too.
    • Get a kitten!

    *sigh* money…

    Of Sheep & Babies…

    2011 - 02.12

    I was just introduced to a game for PS3 called “Catherine”. Dreams of Sheep, Killer babies, apparently mummified corpses and Women in short skirts & stockings. The Japanese really whack it all in don’t they!

    Chairman of the Board(games)…

    2011 - 02.07

    Just how many games can I fit in my cupboard? More still it seems. Part of Furbag’s xmas present for me arrived on Friday. Horus Heresy is on the table being play tested in the study at present: photos soon. Meanwhile, Dust Tactics is still to arrive, being on back order it seems.