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Well yes I did miss yesterday, but mainly because the post was still draft. So the following is what was going to be yesterday’s post. Work on the first short piece of writing has started, with a basic plan of the parameters of the story. This one will have a Cthulhu Mythos flavour to it. […]

While I’ve still got energy to move (emotionally and physically) I’ve decided to cross another goal off my list of artistic endeavours I’ve always wanted to do. I’m going to write some short stories and publish them. Self publishing is a real option these days, and I guess while I can still afford internet I’d […]


I must say I’ve been struggling the last few weeks. It seems the constant Black to Red to Red to Black to Red to Red to Red to Black etc of the finances since losing the last lot of part time work has been wearing me down. I’ve noticed quite a few things slipping, and […]


I’ve been adopting a Vegetarian Diet over the last month, but have finally crossed over the line to full-time Vegetarianism now. I’ve been draining the cupboards & fridge over these few weeks of any meat I’ve had left and worked on generating a starting list of recipes to get me into the swing of things […]