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    Black Gold…

    2015 - 02.28

    Yesterday my new Lens the Nikkor AF Micro 200mm F4D IF-ED arrived. I’ve yet to do anything other than pull it out of it’s case. Hopefully today I shall get a chance with it. I think this will be the last Macro lens I buy for quite some time.

    He DID live long & Prosper…

    2015 - 02.28

    I was saddened this morning to hear that Leonard Nimoy is DEAD! The Man who became an Icon: Spock is Dead…

    There’s Glass and then there’s GLASS…

    2015 - 02.24

    I’m still awaiting the shipping of my Nikkor AF Micro 200mm F4D IF-ED. From all that I’ve read, I’ve found only one less than positive review, and I’ve read bucket loads.

    I’m chuffed about the price, it’s a bargain at the price, and from what I can gather, not all that easy to come across. Foolish me ordered right at the start of the Chinese New Year Holidays, so today is really their first day back to business I guess. *sigh*

    This is my first expensive “Big Player” lens. Not that I don’t have some excellent quality lenses, but I’m keen to see what a Class A lens is really like to use and the subsequent results. It’s my hope this is the last Macro lens I buy in a very long time. I’ve had my big spend for the year. Now it’s time to start stacking it away and see what I can achieve by the end of the year.

    Hop, Step, Stumble, Hop…

    2015 - 02.24

    It’s been a less than perfect start to the week from a work perspective. Missed two days so far due to Depression / Tiredness from the raised dosage of Anti-Depressants. So I’m currently steeling myself to be able to get into work tomorrow instead of working from home, just to keep the momentum on getting to work.

    So clearly I’m still not fully on the up & up yet with this round of strategies. But by the same token, I’m not trying to lift myself up completely from below ground level. I’m not devastated with Depression to the point I can’t get out of bed. And my days are back at least into the correct cycle of day / night & sleep pattern even if I’m sleeping intermittently over that 20:30 to 04:30 period.

    So all in all I suppose I’m winning more than losing at this stage.

    Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine…

    2015 - 02.14

    Well the last week was tiring but positive. Getting to work was a successful venture at this stage. Worked from home three days and got to work the other two. That was as arranged, and helped significantly. The same for this week. Monday, Wednesday & Friday again. After that we’re mixing up the days again.

    The day after my last post I ordered the Nikon D810, and it arrived on the following Thursday just past. The price had risen $100 in the last month. No sign of that stopping. It’s defintely a great beast, but I’ve had scarcely any time to play with it yet. I’ve managed to charge up the batteries and configure the settings to match my preferred settings similar to the D600 and the D7000. I may need to changed those for this camera, it’s some different processor technology and image capture technology. Still I need a starting point for comparison!

    I’ve also ordered memory cards and a sensor cleaning kit while I’m at it.

    The final components of the order I placed about three weeks ago for ensuring I had the complete kit of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Ver. 2 have shipped. Interestingly the last to ship was the Australian Supplier, all the overseas orders had arrived weeks ago. And they wonder why they’re struggling to have people buy locally.

    So enjoyed some rain for last couple of days, done the usual phone calls to catch up with friends, housework, been for a walk and played with the Moggies. It’s warming up now, and a bit bright, but I may still take the new beast out for a bit of a run.

    Hopefully all the Rapids are Behind…

    2015 - 02.08

    Well it’s been a fairly positive week. Five days back at work, and a plan for the next few weeks. I’ll work from home alternate days, basically on BAU, it’s easy to track so keeps people happy. I’m feeling better within myself again, I certainly have a bit of positivity back. I’ve been pretty tired after the week, but that’s ok, sleeping much better now. So far I’m only waking up about once in the middle of the night. For me that’s fantastic progress. I also seem to be getting to sleep quicker.

    I’ve not done much with the Photography over the last few weeks. But I’m going to swing back into it over the next week or so. I just need to get back into the routine of work again first. Currently that’s one of my prime tasks, once that’s back in tune, I should have the available energy to devote to my other goals.

    I’m hoping to pick up the Nikon D810 soon, possibly within the next 6 weeks. The price is creeping up so I’d rather get it sooner than later.

    A Happy little Worker Be(e)…

    2015 - 02.02

    Well Monday arrives, and so far things have started smoothly, awake as usual before the alarm, about 04:30 with Furbags on bed. So no committee meeting before getting out of bed. Can’t really adequately express right now how good THAT WAS for a change. So it’s Breakfast, Drugs, Coffee, make lunch and it’s off to work I go like a happy little worker bee.

    Pulling Myself Out of the Pit…

    2015 - 02.01

    Well the week has passed and finished on fairly high notes.

    Work has been extremely supportive and we’re shaping some new strategies to help me stay there at this stage. Yes it’s in their interests to do so, I’m a high performer when I’m there. Certainly from my point of view, the longer I can stay at this point the better off financially I can be working towards substituting Photography for my income.

    The Bank approved my application so I’ve removed the burden of Credit Card Debt from my outgoings, and that will make a significant difference to my financial state within a few months. Just in time for winter, given that is my worst time of year from a bills perspective. I think I’ve developed the discipline over the last two years to make the most of this opportunity now. I have one expensive item on my list, a Nikon D810, but it will be waiting until I have the cash ready.

    The Anxiety has virtually vanished overnight with the response from work, and coupling that with the change in finances, my general disposition is at the highest it’s been in years!

    Just need to get some more Cat Food before the Furbags start eating me in my sleep!