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The warmer weather appears to be taking hold, and that means more chances for some outdoor trips before it gets too damn hot to be walking kilometres. Although that said, find the right forest, and a good day without a high chance of fire, and it can be very pleasant under a green canopy with […]

Well as it gets further & further away in time from being at my old workplace, I realise how lucky I was to make the choice to leave when I did. I’m also very lucky in that I have friends willing to help me get through the few months between leaving and getting well enough […]


Well finally got the new Photography Online Shop “Live” this morning after a few day of testing, mostly by others on my behalf. That’s the beauty of having a network of friends who will provide feedback when you ask for it. Most often it’s helpful and constructive. Anyway most of the suggestions were very helpful […]

Well more Server and Website tightening and other configuration has been going on over the weekend, been long days since friday last. I’ve moved off the self signed certificates, to avoid confusion for all and also made sure the redirects are all working effortlessly for visitors. It won’t matter whether you use an old bookmark […]