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    2016 - 11.13

    I honestly have done nothing but research on the internet, chat and watched a few youtube videos today. I won’t feel guilty about it either.

    Research Day 2…

    2016 - 10.25

    More youtube, I’m enjoying a bunch of Boardgames reviews & gameplay videos.

    Not Exactly the Yellow Brick Road…

    2015 - 09.24

    Well it’s been another week passed and still I seem to be holding my own. I’ve had a couple of “flat” days, but nothing like the Depression I had been feeling just over two months ago. In general things seem to be back on track. Hopefully work is going to sort itself out over the next couple of weeks. I’m hopeful that I won’t need to pull full-time hours to get back into the “Black” at this stage but plan on going at it for up to twelve months to try and make the part-time work.

    While I’m doing that, it’s going to be work at the Photography and find as many options for bringing in some money with it over the next twelve Months. I do believe there’ll be time to get a full-time role down the track if it becomes absolutely necessary to stay afloat.

    As an aside, I managed to procure those texts I was discussing in a recent post, and I managed to get 50% off the total price, so managed to get them for under AU$110 in the end from the same publisher that was already the cheapest. Interestingly I’ve noticed Australian prices for books, boardgames and photography gear going up, despite the fact that they were blaming GST exclusions and the high Aussie Dollar. Western Society in general is just such a greedy beast.

    Yes, It’s All About Competition…

    2015 - 08.26

    So, the same two books (technical) from five online stores:

    pearson.com AU $135.54 (including $13 U.S. SHIPPING) -> U.S.
    bookdepository.com (free shipping) AU $149.xx -> U.K.
    fishpond.com.au AU $155.64 (free shipping) -> Australian
    angusrobertson.com.au AU $174.00 (free shipping) -> Australian
    booktopia.com.au AU $215.50 (free shipping) -> Australian

    Subtracting 10% GST would be $140 or $156.60 or $193.95 respectively, so it’s still cheaper for me to ship from the U.S. Clearly adding GST to online purchases below $1000 is ALL about making Australian Online Stores / Physical Stores competitive! Also not to be sneezed at, the fishpond.com.au price is 6% discount on one item, and 25% on the other HOWEVER, one of these items will ship from a U.K. supplier anyway! Booktopia.com.au tells me I’m getting 21% & 18% discounts on the respective titles.

    No wonder people struggle to make sense out of these arguments.

    Behold Cthulhu Wars…

    2015 - 05.20

    Awesomeness is…
    Cthulhu Wars
    This is a test play of the four player game to get the feel for it! Feel has an added dimension in this game because these pieces FEEL awesome!

    You feel the HUGENESS and otherworldliness of each of H.P. Lovecraft’s Ancient Ones.

    He DID live long & Prosper…

    2015 - 02.28

    I was saddened this morning to hear that Leonard Nimoy is DEAD! The Man who became an Icon: Spock is Dead…

    To be Open is to Close…

    2010 - 05.21

    I’ve spent the best parts of both my teenage and adult life avoiding being close to people and letting them into who I am. I’ve used sex as an avoidance mechanism and it’s worked so successfully, that when it came down to it, Sammy and I couldn’t allow ourselves (either of us) to loosen the inner vault door that final few inches to let another cross in as completely as possible for two people. It’s a bit more complicated than that, and there was baggage on both sides. In the end we both had agreed we just couldn’t go there. Lost opportunities *sigh* sometimes they’re hard to swallow when the opportunity is permanently lost…

    The perversity of the Cosmos is that when I actually wish to do this with another, and start to try doing so it negates the opportunity of apparent unattached sex and anything else, and there’s no escape from the feelings! I thought I’d be doing a better job and starting from a better point in the first place, by opening up, but somehow it’s gone elsewhere, no doubt in the Cosmos’ direction for me. It’s not necessarily the opposite of what I would hope, but it’s not how I would have preferred it to go. Not that I really know I guess. I ponder, but meaning is missing for me at the moment. I guess more will become apparent, but there definitely seems to be something crazy with how this show is written so far, I’m sure I didn’t write this script. But then again I always was wanting instant gratification, and there’s no doubt this time I didn’t, so I guess I got that right.

    There is humour in this in a black way I guess…

    Revenge of Furbag…

    2009 - 07.23

    I had been planning on seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight, but Furbag’s had me up since 05:00 this morning, and I just didn’t think I would last the movie out. Even went into work at 07:00 because I’d decided it was useless to try and sleep past 6 this morning.

    Curse the Furbag!

    Can’t remember now if I’ve read this one in the series, but I know I’m not up for 2.5 hours of movie at this stage tonight.

    Of Tomes, Old and New…

    2009 - 04.16

    The last couple of years has seen my reading for pleasure dropping right down to a very bare level. Seems since I’ve spent so much time over the last few years reading for study or work, I’ve drifted away from the practice of reading for pleasure. And the times I have picked up a book, it’s been one I’ve already read before.

    However, in recent months, along with other changes, I’ve managed to read a few books for pleasure again, that are new. A while ago i started reading the “Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant“, having been a long time fan of the first two for many years. I’ve managed to finish the second volume, which I’d half finished when I had to return it to the person I borrowed it off some time ago. This time I bought it, as I had always intended to do anyway.

    Recently (well actually several months ago now), a friend lent me three books: a trilogy so I thought, but it now appears there is a fourth. I’ve started reading them and finding them a pleasant read indeed. I wouldn’t put them in the “intellectual” realm of LOTR, or Thomas Covenant, but they are interesting. It’s a series called “The Old Kingdom” by Garth Nix. The first is Sabriel, which is my current tome of the moment. I’m about a 100 pages into it, and find it intriguing without being too heavy. I’m not sure whether Sara realises there’s a fourth volume in the series yet. So I’ve just sent her an SMS to tell her so. 🙂

    I’m still waiting to get my hands on two of Michael Scott Rohan’s series “The Winter of the World“. I’ve yet to read “The Singer and the Sea“, and “Shadow of the Seer“. I’ve been a fan of this series since the first one (The Anvil of Ice) in the early eighties.

    I think I’m going to strive towards reading at least 1 book a week again, just for me.