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So, the same two books (technical) from five online stores:

pearson.com AU $135.54 (including $13 U.S. SHIPPING) -> U.S.
bookdepository.com (free shipping) AU $149.xx -> U.K.
fishpond.com.au AU $155.64 (free shipping) -> Australian
angusrobertson.com.au AU $174.00 (free shipping) -> Australian
booktopia.com.au AU $215.50 (free shipping) -> Australian

Subtracting 10% GST would be $140 or $156.60 or $193.95 respectively, so it’s still cheaper for me to ship from the U.S. Clearly adding GST to online purchases below $1000 is ALL about making Australian Online Stores / Physical Stores competitive! Also not to be sneezed at, the fishpond.com.au price is 6% discount on one item, and 25% on the other HOWEVER, one of these items will ship from a U.K. supplier anyway! Booktopia.com.au tells me I’m getting 21% & 18% discounts on the respective titles.

No wonder people struggle to make sense out of these arguments.

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