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While I was shooting Macro, practising my Focus Stacking, Stefan was out with his Fisheye giving it a try. Apparently this is what my world really looks like at the moment. Got to confess, there’s days it feels like it too.


Behold Cthulhu Wars…

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Awesomeness is… This is a test play of the four player game to get the feel for it! Feel has an added dimension in this game because these pieces FEEL awesome! You feel the HUGENESS and otherworldliness of each of H.P. Lovecraft’s Ancient Ones.


H.P. Lovecraft rejoice…

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Yesterday arrived what I believe will be one of my most Awesome Boardgames in my Collection. When I sort some photos I shall show you Cthulhu Wars!


As the Week Awakens…

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There are few simple pleasures more enjoyable for me than waking up and watching the dark turn to dawn then to day while it rains solidly. Awesome sound, and the slow revelation of a world being refreshed by rain is wonderful and nourishes my soul!


The Force is with Me…

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Well the week may not have been particularly cheery, motivating or anything much for that matter, but at least a long overdue delivery (5 weeks to get here) has finally arrived. Imperial Assault now joins “the Cupboard of Craig’s Cardboard”! I must confess I can’t wait for the first game! There is however an even […]


Stack It On…

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Normally a post on photography would be going on Shards of Arcadia but in this instance I’ll put it here for the moment as it’s more a summary, and I think I will be adding a “Techniques” page to Shards of Arcadia when I want to expand on it. I suppose the important point for […]