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    Apple Exodus…

    2020 - 10.01

    Well this year has been trundling along despite an inconvenient (to some) Pandemic. Since the decision to drop Apple products late last year, the Exodus has been proceeding in dribs and drabs. At this stage I would say I’m 85% of the way if not more. Yes I’m still using some of their products, but there’s no replacements of an Apple device with another Apple device.

    Most of this year has consisted of preparing, from a software perspective, picking up Windows versions of my regularly used software when they’ve been on sale. It’s fair to say that’s 95% complete: I can move over completely anytime now with no down time. All that’s keeping me in the Apple Ecosystem now is my iMac (Late 2013). The older Apple gear was fine, not a single issue with any of the hardware that I’ve ever purchased: it’s all still working as it did the day I bought it. But I’d not replace ANY of it with ANYTHING from the last three to four years of product lines. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the software side of things. Apple OS / OS X / iOS has been a mess of botched updates and removal of features.

    The iPhone 6 has been replaced with a Samsung Galaxy 10. This is probably the single most important replacement based on the fact that it’s the most significant tie to the Apple Ecosystem. As a friend of mine pointed out, once you change your phone you’re no longer invested (from a data management commitment) in their system. The Apple TV (ver. 3) has been replaced with a Chromecast. An excellent Benq Monitor specifically designed for Photography was purchased earlier this year in preparation and the laptop and possibly a windows PC will replace the iMac when it dies.

    My MacBook Pro (2014) is still going great guns, but it’s being moved on to be replaced by a Lenovo X1G2 and to be honest I’m not sad. It’s got the best keyboard I’ve ever experienced on a laptop and I’ve had a few over the decades.

    It’s been so long, I know…

    2020 - 10.01

    I’m very pleased to hear about a new expansion for Twilight Imperium IV has just been announced: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/8/2/prophecy-of-kings/ which has me very interested in chasing it down once released.