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    All in a Day’s…

    2016 - 08.20

    Well so far I’ve managed to move forward with some short-term goals and score some points. I’ve upgraded all my blogs, uploaded some fresh stock to both my Etsy Store & Shards of Arcadia. There’s also been a bit of background maintenance too for my blogs, fixing a couple of problems highlighted by the last upgrades. I’ve also adopted a new theme for this one & Idyllic Moments. Time for a change there, the previous themes had been “gathering a bit of dust” so to speak. Additionally I’d not been using the Photocrati / Imagely themes and plugins that I’ve been subscribed to for over a year with regard to these blogs. The galleries are now much improved.

    Hopefully the sleep issues are resolved, as the last few weeks have been very hard trying too pull that sleep cycle back. Unsure if it’s due to transitioning off the Anti-Depressants or just the fact I’m between routines. Either way I’ve been working decisively on that this week just past. I’m going to do a day trip shoot either today or tomorrow, probably just down the coast, weather may determine the directions a bit. It’s patchy rain at present, but couple of chores to get out of the road first, before “hitting” the road.

    My Furbags seem to be either in territorial disputes or accident prone, I’m not exactly sure which, all I know is that at a time when I really can’t afford Veterinary bills they’re generating them! Tiggakat had injured her tail but thankfully that’s now come good with no permanent damage it seems. Just a bald patch that’s slowly regaining fur. Chemoux has a similar patch on her back after a slight bite that she aggravated by over-grooming. Both seem to be fine after a anti-biotic shot and an anti-irritant shot by the local Vet. I’m nursing a wounded wallet! But *sigh* what would I do without them! May the Furry Gods continue to look over the feisty furbags.

    The search for work is on again, as the part-time work has ended for the time being. I’m remaining open and thinking outside the box on that, and there are some possibilities with irons in the fire. Nothing fully cooked yet.


    2016 - 08.18

    The question of striving towards Serendipity came to the forefront the other day while listening to a couple of podcasts. It occurred to me that my Depression works against Serendipity completely. I’ve noticed since my last job finished some weeks ago, that Depression is trying to assert itself again. Currently my sleeping pattern is smashed to bits, and all over the place. My motivation is flagging.

    So the last few days I’ve been pondering, mind mapping and developing a regrouping plan for myself. I’ve set some short-term goals, and so far the plan for the short-term (six weeks) is focussed around the following:

    • Regular blogging again
    • Regular shop updates on both Etsy & Shards of Arcadia
    • Daily Photography whether it be something for Stock Art or my shops
    • Daily exercise again
    • Pull my sleeping pattern back to normality
    • Vegetarianism
    • Transitioning off the Anti-Depressants by the end of September

    Hopefully with all of these implemented piece by piece over the next month and a half, other aspects of my life will begin pull together again.

    In making the decision to move to Vegetarianism, not Vegan, but definitely no meath red or white. Philosophically I’ve begun to be too uncomfortable about the way we treat animals in the quest for food.

    I’m thinking outside the box and my comfort zone as far as the type of work that I’m looking for goes, and hopefully promoting Serendipity will lead me to something helpful there soon.

    So how does this relate to Serendipity you may ask? Well it’s all making moves towards promoting Serendipity by taking action. Depression pushes me into a zone of inertness and no action. Serendipity cannot happen with no action. If I want my creative pursuits to flourish I need to be healthy, active questing and not passive.