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    See Saw…

    2010 - 01.28

    Mass Effect 2 = Win

    iPad = Marketing Ploy: I’ll wait 6 to 12 months and it might interest me.

    It’s a cold wind…

    2010 - 01.25

    A final whiny moment and then I’m done I guess. Two games off my shopping list this year are Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Yes it’s clear that Blizzard and I part company as a consumer partnership. Their ridiculous excuse about not including LAN support on the basis of preventing piracy is just insulting. I won’t even deign providing links for the two aforementioned titles. If Blizzard did a flip on this I’d happily purchase both games, but short of that, I believe that Warcraft 3 will be my last blizzard game.

    However, two games that I am looking forward to immensely and oddly both sequals, are Mass Effect 2, and Supreme Commander 2. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have a collector’s edition of Mass Effect 2. The other will have to wait until March if it maintains it’s release date.

    Hopefully I’ll be finished Dragon Age: Origins by the end of the week, because I’m going to find it hard to not fire up Mass Effect 2 on Friday night.

    Farcebook Chapter 2…

    2010 - 01.25

    Is it a reasonable assumption that Advertisers that show up on Farcebook pages support the views of those conveyed on the sites? Possibly not, but they obviously don’t mind trying to score coverage so perhaps they should pay the price. I suggest a site that names every advertiser that appears on “racist” Farcebook pages and we MAKE THE ASSUMPTION that they therefore endorse such views. Since they obviously don’t make an effort NOT to be displayed by requesting facebook filter their advertisements from such pages, isn’t that a reasonable assumption? We do know they make choices about where they are placed on TV and in other media. Still it may not be so, but should they get the good without the bad? After all money speaks…apparently.


    2010 - 01.24

    It seems that every time I visit someone who’s logged into Facebook at the time I’m even more astounded than the last with the amount of mindless Neo-nazism, other assorted Bigotry and poor spelling. It needs to be renamed to Farcebook. Interestingly certain Government impositions won’t be filtering such social perniciousness. Perhaps it’s a “good” thing that not every home has internet yet: and that’s as much comment as I think it warrants!

    Up the creek in my canoe…

    2010 - 01.18

    Tonight I cooked “Sex on a Plate” without having someone provide the “dessert” afterward. Not usually something I would do, but it was worth every moment of preparing it to see the look on my guest’s face while eating. She glowed.

    Simple things really can light up the beauty inside and out.

    The irony is that I’m absolutely entranced and head over heels with no option of truly being able to step over that line and take it further. Once before in my life I’ve known such a connection with someone from the moment I met them, and both times it seems the Cosmos damns me to be spectator! Circumstance and my own ethical boundaries mean I must watch from the other side of the river so to speak. And so I make the most of what I can have safely.

    Poised like a Gibbous Moon…

    2010 - 01.16

    Boundaries renegotiated…

    Souls flittering about like Moths around light…

    Sweet Sirocco.


    2010 - 01.15

    Finger Food & Movies for now (nothing to do with sex & porn).

    We’re all going on a Summer Holiday…

    2010 - 01.15

    In less than 90 mins I’ll be on 11 days leave… 🙂

    I plan to get the external woodwork finished, at least one xbox game finished, spend at least one day doing nothing but eating and sex (not necessarily mutually exclusive) and enjoy several day trips. What else can I say…

    More than a drop…

    2010 - 01.12

    Finally a bit of relief from the heat, and potentially relieving the chance of fire! I love rain. I’d live where it rained 12 hours a day and 20 degree temperatures if I could just find somewhere that did that without the humidity. But sadly such is not the case.

    To paraphrase the innocent Maria:

    Raindrops and Ho’s, Leather and Kittens,
    …these are a few of my favourite things!

    Either way I’m happy to be getting some rain, even if it’s spotting the screen of the laptop while I’m sitting out here on the patio tapping away (excuse my OCD).

    No time to be wicked…

    2010 - 01.02

    Busy day today, only just now chilling out. Furbag and I did a reconnoitre of the boundaries this morning. Bit of tidying up some more branchs etc blown down by the winds from the rainstorm that also saved our butts the other night. Then off down Geelong to catch Sara since I didn’t get there New Year’s Eve. Then back home to cook up a couple of curries and then do some more staining of the woodwork around doors and windows. Working on the externals at this point, and it’s seems to be coming up excellently, amazing how a little work can make such a difference.