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I’m Not Alone Out There…

Written by m0rg0th. No comments Posted in: Health, Humour, Work

Today I saw one of the people I most respect at work, lose it with his Manager.┬áNot in a Machete, blood on the walls sort of thing, but he expressed to his Manager just how he saw it. What was interesting about this for me was that I’ve always seen this person, whom I consider […]


A Sieve Full of Sand…

Written by m0rg0th. No comments Posted in: Health, Photography, Work

Although I feel I’m making ground with my depression, and definitely feel I’m making some progress towards dealing with the work burnout, it’s still a hard slog. Work more so at the moment. I’ve been applying for a couple of roles, so far I’ve had one interview which felt quite favourable. At least I know […]


Lost in Time & Space…

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I look and it’s been almost a year since I last updated. No surprise really, this last year’s been fairly terrible for the most part. Nothing in the tragic: no house burned down, flooded out, hit by meteor or other completely earth shattering. Just the slow hard grind of depression. This is such an insidious […]