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    Just one of those things…

    2012 - 02.18

    There’s really only so many responses to the line “…sodomy by rubber eggplant!”

    Echoes from a Not So Distant Past…

    2011 - 02.14

    It would seem that I’d not dealt with the dregs of a previous relationship as well as I’d thought: apparently there’s more to resolve within myself! Despite no contact for several years now, there’s apparently still some anger and pain. Work to be done for sure…

    If only it had been (J)ust in(e) for 120 Days…

    2010 - 12.26

    It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for years to get my hands on even a 75% decent copy of Pasolini’s SalΓ². Anything that’s been available in this country in the last 2 decades has been very average quality at best. But today I managed to come across a copy of the Blue-Ray remaster. Interestingly MANY people seem to find this an extremely disturbing film, yet it’s never really bothered me even from the first viewing.

    Ironically, I also bought the ONLY film I’ve ever watched that truly disturbed me. The scene of the scourging of Jesus in “The Passion of Christ” was the most personally confronting depiction of brutal cruelty from one human being towards another that I’ve yet seen. Perhaps it has begun to fade to the point I begin to wonder if it will effect me the same a second time. I must confess the rest of the movie from that scene on is somewhat hazy.

    Ah JB, you’ve done it again!

    The Bed’s too big without … Who?

    2010 - 07.07

    Definitely getting over the cold now, not 100%, but getting close.

    With a couple of further days off last week attempting to recover from this cold, I managed to knock off Heavy Rain. I’m strongly considering buying a second hand PS3 provided I can find one at a reasonable price just to play this game again a few more times. I actually bought a new copy for $50 from JB Hifi which has sort of committed me to this, albeit at the appropriate time designated by the Cosmos.

    The emotional reframing I’ve been working on has also been progressing well too, with a good sense of stability returning and a sense of grounding also. There’s been a few tough patches, but the last few days have unfolded much more comfortably. It’s amazing that Albert Ellis’ RE(b)T is still a useful avenue for positive change. Couple that with revisiting a bit of Psychosynthesis and the medium to long term prognosis is very good.

    Let’s just say I’m feeling up for continued diet of non committal sex, whores and assorted toys. I guess I’m just prepared to acknowledge that I occasionally feel sad about an empty bed by 07:00.

    A quick Dock in Port…

    2010 - 04.10

    Fun night, bit of “hanging” around with “encouragement” by an old friend, although left to sleep alone and no breakfast duet… πŸ™

    Still worked off the week’s work angst πŸ™‚ And it rained last night and this morning, so a not too shabby start to a weekend.

    Did manage a quick slip into JB HiFi early last night before the show and picked up “9” on Blue-Ray. Should enjoy that tonight I think.

    More than a drop…

    2010 - 01.12

    Finally a bit of relief from the heat, and potentially relieving the chance of fire! I love rain. I’d live where it rained 12 hours a day and 20 degree temperatures if I could just find somewhere that did that without the humidity. But sadly such is not the case.

    To paraphrase the innocent Maria:

    Raindrops and Ho’s, Leather and Kittens,
    …these are a few of my favourite things!

    Either way I’m happy to be getting some rain, even if it’s spotting the screen of the laptop while I’m sitting out here on the patio tapping away (excuse my OCD).

    Day of the Furbag…

    2009 - 12.25

    I generally find today and the following few frustrating for the hypocrisy. When it takes a commercialized “holiday” to “bring families together” it seems we as a society are generally lacking. However, I’m hosting the members today, so I’m treating today as the tribal gathering to lay offerings to the ancient hunting deity Furbag. Apparently however, my usual household “decorations” are unfitting, and must be discretely placed out of sight… *sigh*

    Anyway such is the way of some things. The Runes indicate that the Favour of Furbag should be high at the moment and the weather appears mild.

    Fall from Grace in all directions…

    2009 - 10.18

    Well for a fortnight where I was going to financially behave myself, I certainly fell in a heap this weekend.

    First there were some additions to the “toy drawer” for Friday night’s little escape, then today there was another little crumble when I came home with two external drives (USB), one terabyte drive for a new multimedia store, and the other a 320 Gig to backup the iMac. Both are working swimmingly. I picked up a cheap arse keyboard and some blank DVD’s at the same time, so all in all a total breakdown of resolute saving this fortnight!

    However I’ve managed to not be burned by JB Hifi this week. πŸ™‚

    Who stole the ground from under me…?

    2009 - 07.04

    It’s 06:30 and I feel in chaos, perhaps a little insane. I can’t sleep, and my brain is flip flopping like a fish on the shore after being dropped off the hook… it’s almost like I was treading water at sea and suddenly the ocean’s gone and I’m looking down the abyss.

    Less than half an hour ago I dropped Sammy at the Station so she could head back home. I picked her up last night just after 19:00, we had Dinner, came home to Play, then snuggles and chat in bed after. It’s the chat after that’s tossing my spot in the Cosmos to and fro. Sammy’s “officially” retired.

    I’d love to retire at 48, but alas that’s not to be for me. However that’s not so much the issue, I have never been a “customer” although I’ve been a lucky recipient. She’s given up the Studio, sold her flat, given a heap of paraphenalia away (yes I scored something), and she’s off to Europe, the UK and parts of Asia for the next couple of years… She’s not even sure she’ll come back this time, it’s not necessarily just a holiday. She’s looking to move on completely.

    We’ve not seen each other all that regularly since we met up again after all those years, but there is a bond that’s rare, and difficult to ignore. We’ve shared some experiences that bind you together for a lifetime, even when you’re physically apart most of the time: on a spiritual level. We’ve both seen and done things people should never have to do, and come out of it scarred but with our lives intact, and opportunities for redemption and growth that are rare. I can honestly say I’ve not felt such a loss (her leaving) in modern memory. I wouldn’t call it unrequited love, neither of us have been willing to commit in a solid way for various reasons since we reconnected. But the floor is gone, and I actually don’t know what the fuck to do…

    At least I got to kiss her in the Rain one last time!

    First “outing” in a while…

    2009 - 04.26

    Went to the Albion St house warming tonight. Apparently my “headgear” was what was expected of me, dammit, I didn’t disappoint. I’m sure there’s pictures on someone’s facebook somewhere. Not sure whether that’s good or bad! Justine would have been happy though. Anyway first night out in a while, but definitely a night of fun and frivolity had by all: and some too much! But anyways, no harm done, and the worst will be a few hangovers carried by some when they wake in the morrow (whenever that may be).