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There’s really only so many responses to the line “…sodomy by rubber eggplant!”

It would seem that I’d not dealt with the dregs of a previous relationship as well as I’d thought: apparently there’s more to resolve within myself! Despite no contact for several years now, there’s apparently still some anger and pain. Work to be done for sure…

It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for years to get my hands on even a 75% decent copy of Pasolini’s Salรฒ. Anything that’s been available in this country in the last 2 decades has been very average quality at best. But today I managed to come across a copy of the Blue-Ray […]

Definitely getting over the cold now, not 100%, but getting close. With a couple of further days off last week attempting to recover from this cold, I managed to knock off Heavy Rain. I’m strongly considering buying a second hand PS3 provided I can find one at a reasonable price just to play this game […]


Fun night, bit of “hanging” around with “encouragement” by an old friend, although left to sleep alone and no breakfast duet… ๐Ÿ™ Still worked off the week’s work angst ๐Ÿ™‚ And it rained last night and this morning, so a not too shabby start to a weekend. Did manage a quick slip into JB HiFi […]


More than a drop…

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Finally a bit of relief from the heat, and potentially relieving the chance of fire! I love rain. I’d live where it rained 12 hours a day and 20 degree temperatures if I could just find somewhere that did that without the humidity. But sadly such is not the case. To paraphrase the innocent Maria: […]


I generally find today and the following few frustrating for the hypocrisy. When it takes a commercialized “holiday” to “bring families together” it seems we as a society are generally lacking. However, I’m hosting the members today, so I’m treating today as the tribal gathering to lay offerings to the ancient hunting deity Furbag. Apparently […]


Well for a fortnight where I was going to financially behave myself, I certainly fell in a heap this weekend. First there were some additions to the “toy drawer” for Friday night’s little escape, then today there was another little crumble when I came home with two external drives (USB), one terabyte drive for a […]

It’s 06:30 and I feel in chaos, perhaps a little insane. I can’t sleep, and my brain is flip flopping like a fish on the shore after being dropped off the hook… it’s almost like I was treading water at sea and suddenly the ocean’s gone and I’m looking down the abyss. Less than half […]


Went to the Albion St house warming tonight. Apparently my “headgear” was what was expected of me, dammit, I didn’t disappoint. I’m sure there’s pictures on someone’s facebook somewhere. Not sure whether that’s good or bad! Justine would have been happy though. Anyway first night out in a while, but definitely a night of fun […]


Apparently Sammy’s visit Friday has left me “very relaxed” according to some. Unfortunately we broke some toys, which necessitated a shopping trip last night… I like that fact that after all these years she still doesn’t have a car, but it’s just a pity she had to be on the 07:12 train Saturday morning: for […]


Ah the Irish…

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Moving and the House have kept me rather poor the last couple months, so I’ve been inclined to decline dinner invitations to eating establishments, but an invitation from “Mad Pierre” was a little difficult to refuse on this particular occasion. It seemed on of those cases of “I’m in the mood for Irish Stew”. So […]