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    A Personal 2016 Summary…

    2016 - 12.31

    If I was to sum up the year that’s pretty much now past, I’d have to say it’s not been the best of years for me. That said, it’s certainly not been the worst of years, it would have had to be a total train wreck for me to think that of it. There have been the usual mix of positive and negatives, highs and lows.

    Amongst the highs would be knowing that my friends definitely care about me. All my friends have been very supportive of my situation even though it’s been to a large degree of my choice by leaving work. They have easily recognised the Psychological issues involved and not one of them has devalued me in any manner. It’s been fantastic to feel that support. I’ve clearly chosen my friends wisely. Hopefully they all feel the same.

    Also travelling to NZ for both pleasure and business was absolutely awe-inspiring and definitely life enhancing. Even though in many ways we (Australians thinking about New Zealanders) think we are similar, for the most part I think these days we’re not! Geography is our most common factor. New Zealand as a community seems to be moving forward both economically and socially moving forward, whereas Australia seems only to be running backwards at a great rate. Our Politicians and most of the businesses in this country are hell bent on turning our country into a “Mini US” that seems to believe it’s citizens are an inconvenience at best and disposable at worst.

    I’ve also managing to hold onto the house for at least another year. That’s been another positive milestone for me this year and a very pleasant surprise considering the economic pressure. It seems that originally buying at a price that took into account six to twelve months possible unemployment was a very sensible move.

    As I said before, it’s not been all roses and chocolate. I suppose, although there are times I wonder talking to others, that no regular income this year again has been the most difficult and challenging part of the year for me. There’s no doubt that having no regular income in Australia (yes first world problem) is an unpleasant thing to stay the least. It certainly clarifies the mind with regard to Social Justice in this country: there’s very little! I know in many other countries it could be much worse but then that doesn’t justify it. Again in some other countries it is much better. Australians as a whole need to take a long hard look at what they want their future communities to be like because at this stage the outlook is extremely black.

    However that said, I’m seeing the year out on a high and I believe that 2017 will be a better year for me to reflect on when its 31st of December rolls around.

    To all my friends:

    Thank you for your wonderful care and friendship, I hope I am always able to respond in kind.

    May you all have a Happy New Year.


    2016 - 11.17

    Spent the day reorganising some cupboard space to clear a bit more off the floor. Since reorganising 6 months ago I’ve accumulated boxes on the floor and boardgames in piles everywhere.

    I’m looking forward to game night with Andrew (friend in Daylesford). We have a regular Thursday night gig, as much for helping him wind down for the week and a time to catch up and just chat.

    Is Another Man’s Junk…

    2016 - 11.06

    Boxing up old books & DVDs is the most productive thing I’ve done today.

    One Man’s Treasures…

    2016 - 11.05

    Cupboard tidy up looking for more stuff to jettison.

    Space Opera…

    2016 - 11.04

    Completely trashed day, slept until 16:30.

    Did remember to watch the live-play Twilight Imperium put on by Dice Tower, so that was a win.

    Movie Night…

    2016 - 10.28

    I’ve devoted today to writing, online store maintenance and gaming.

    Movie Night tonight with Jamie. We’re having a “B Grade” horror night watching “Harbinger Down” followed by “B Grade” Science Fiction effort “Ice Pirates”.

    Livestock by the Catload…

    2016 - 10.27

    It seems to be Lizard, Centipede, Moth and Mouse Season again. Between the two furbags I’m ending up with all sort’s of presents.

    Leaking Lifeboat…

    2016 - 10.17

    Well any quick reprieve from this continuing downward trend in my capacity to stay emotionally afloat has been swiftly shot down with the email this morning advising that I was unsuccessful with the interview from last week. As I said to a couple of friends, I gave up trying to anticipate any interview results some time ago, as it doesn’t seem to matter how well you thought the interview went, that’s no indication of success. There’s really no way to tell anymore, because there are either some many applicants, or agendas that may be in play now for any single role that’s advertised.

    Hope and Patience are as scarce for the unemployed as full-time roles. When I close my eyes it’s not hard to imagine I’m in a leaking lifeboat that’s starting to spring bigger leaks.

    The Great Railways of Life…

    2016 - 01.11

    One of the Greatest things I value in friends is the willingness to be honest with you even when they know it’s not what you want to hear. They have your best interests at heart, and want to help you do your best, experience the best and be the best that you can be. Really what more can you ask from a friend other than come for the ride!

    I picture the Journey of Life like a Train Ride where you travel along and can enjoy the scenery along the way to your destination. You can also involve yourself with those around you generally (although not always) in a pleasant and enjoyable fashion. At various points there are Stations (interludes) where you can change your Journey, pick a different Train on a different track to a different destination. At Stations you can do that Randomly or in an Orderly fashion, but generally in safety. Of course you’re free to jump from the Train at any point along the journey, betweens stations, albeit this is not recommended, and extremely risky. I generally don’t ask my friends to join me in such adventures, I think these escapades are best left for solo “flight”. It’s not to say that you won’t survive such a tumble, but choosing your landing site and the speed of the train at which you decided to bail out is recommended.

    If you wish you can continue on the same train until the end of the track. Inevitably this means you either pick a different destination or you’re dead.

    Man the Store Front…

    2015 - 11.07

    Well finally got the new Photography Online Shop “Live” this morning after a few day of testing, mostly by others on my behalf. That’s the beauty of having a network of friends who will provide feedback when you ask for it. Most often it’s helpful and constructive. Anyway most of the suggestions were very helpful and quite a few of them were put into effect.

    I’m happy with how the site’s come up in the end, and it gave me a project this week. I was experiencing a mild bout of Depression over this week. This allowed me to have a focal point with something important and enjoyable to me. Over the next few weeks I’m going to have to get some serious shooting in to add even more content. I also have to update the stock sites with some more stock art too.

    I’ve been very surprised and pleased with the support from friends in helping with the testing. I think that’s enabled a much better opening site and I’m very grateful. It’s good to be able to access such things, now that I’m not experience severe and extended periods of Depression.

    I’ve been officially employed again for almost a month and although I’ve had only one pay so far, I’m pleased to be back at work (part-time) four days a week. Much better than five, and I can really get to like this working week.

    Life is pretty good currently.