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It’s fair to say I’ve had a fairly flat out week at work, and not enjoyed it very much having still been somewhat ill with a cold from last week. But I confess to genuine surprise, very enjoyable surprise I might add, when I happened upon TOS in JB HiFi tonight! Yes I’m an unabashed […]


Through the Window (7)…

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Well it’s lasted longer than a couple of friends tipped, and I’m still impressed. It looks like MS might actually have a winner here. Certainly it’s possible to be significantly more productive with the GUI in this OS than ANY previous Windows. Between those improvements, and the Powershell that they’ve been pushing with their new […]


Release (Candidate) Me…

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Well I bit the bullet tonight and installed the Windows 7 RC (64) tonight just to see if it looks even remotely like a reasonable upgrade to XP. The installation was certainly the most uninteractive windows install I’ve experienced in all my windows installs going right back to Windows 2. But that said, it did […]


Feeling Blue(-ray)…

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With the impending premiere of the new Star Trek movie I thought perhaps I should rewatch the early movies. I know many don’t find much to praise about the first movie, but I do like it and appreciate it in spite of its failings. Many of them could probably have been avoided if “executives” had […]