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    Between Worlds…

    2016 - 11.23

    Lost in time & space day, basically embraced Morpheus.

    Back Through the Archives…

    2016 - 11.18

    Morning of sorting through Archives & Backups to determine what can be trashed. Watch a french movie called “Livide”, which was a pleasant change from the fairly slash happy, saw ‘em up type of Horror film we get these days almost all the time.


    2016 - 11.17

    Spent the day reorganising some cupboard space to clear a bit more off the floor. Since reorganising 6 months ago I’ve accumulated boxes on the floor and boardgames in piles everywhere.

    I’m looking forward to game night with Andrew (friend in Daylesford). We have a regular Thursday night gig, as much for helping him wind down for the week and a time to catch up and just chat.

    Trying to Plan Ahead…

    2016 - 11.16

    Confirmed a weekend down in Geelong for a coming weekend prior to Christmas. Some Photography & gaming.


    2016 - 11.15

    Much the same as yesterday. I did join a “meetup.com” group for boardgames. I’m also going to try a weekly gaming session at GUF to ensure I get out of the house a couple of times a week for some fun. Networking might help with some work to keep the wolves at bay too!

    Lack Lustre…

    2016 - 11.14

    Fairly lack lustre day, struggled to emotionally keep my head above water. On days like this it’s hard to know if you’re better off trying too push through it, or sleep through it.


    2016 - 11.13

    I honestly have done nothing but research on the internet, chat and watched a few youtube videos today. I won’t feel guilty about it either.

    Stepping Out…

    2016 - 11.12

    A slow day. Plans for a burn off to get rid of the collection of branches blown down over the last few months by the wild weather were rescheduled due to too much wind. Additionally rain put a stop to mowing. So in the end I spend the afternoon going through boxes of old computing peripherals and cables trying to downsize. I also watched some interesting board game reviews and also some how to plays. I’m going to push myself to get out and try and do regular gaming once a week down at the local game store. Most of my gaming friends have moved or had children and no longer have the time for the sort of games I like to play. No surprise, there’s a lot of work and time involved in young children.

    That said, I see an opportunity to develop another strategy to keep Depression at bay. I know that getting out can be a huge problem for me when Depression is growing, and I’m hoping that another social avenue may be helpful there, especially with something I enjoy so much. More on this strategy later.

    Holiday Hollowness…

    2016 - 11.11

    It’s amazing how Public Holidays become meaningless to you when you’re currently not working. I hadn’t even realised it was a local public holiday. To be honest it’s one of those that doesn’t really seem to have much meaning to me, nor I’m sure many others, other than an excuse for a day off. Such a pity, as nowadays they’re excellent opportunities to build community spirit. I see much value in the old days of Festivals or Feast Days.

    Being Kind to Myself…

    2016 - 11.10

    Today was just another day spent trying to come up with more ideas about kicking off small opportunities to enter into the coming holiday season with so as to have something running next year. Employment opportunities traditionally slow down at this time of the year here, and don’t really kick off again until middle to late January. So although I ease up on myself a bit about nothing on the books, it’s not an escape from the financial pressures.