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Apple Exodus…

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Well this year has been trundling along despite an inconvenient (to some) Pandemic. Since the decision to drop Apple products late last year, the Exodus has been proceeding in dribs and drabs. At this stage I would say I’m 85% of the way if not more. Yes I’m still using some of their products, but […]


It’s been so long, I know…

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I’m very pleased to hear about a new expansion for Twilight Imperium IV has just been announced: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/8/2/prophecy-of-kings/ which has me very interested in chasing it down once released.


For My Mother…

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Menzies, Laurel May.Died 11th August aged 81. Loved wife of Jim, loved mother of Craig & Sharon, loved grandmother of Geena & Carly. “Thank you for your unwavering faith in me. I’m forever grateful for the gift of a curious and open mind”. Your loving son, Craig. She died peacefully at Gandarra. Much gratitude to […]


I was commenting in a photography blog earlier in response to the question, “is an Artist born?” I think it’s quite a nuanced answer. Some of the conversation mirrored what I seem to be hearing a lot today: that creatives are artists. I am of the opinion that there’s a difference between being creative and […]

Lately I’ve been experiencing a renewed motivation in my photography. Much of this is with the encouragement and support of an artist friend for which I’m very grateful. She’s encouraging some collaborative projects and regularly suggesting trips and subject matter that she thinks will inspire me to create more works. Much of her work has […]


The Art Life…

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I’ve been watching The Art Life, a documentary about David Lynch and “The Art Life”. It’s such a different picture of David Lynch than I’ve previously had, so much so that I was wondering if there are two David Lynch artists, the Director and the Artist. By that I mean literally separate human beings. But […]


Raindrops keep fallin’…

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Lately I’ve been pondering the origins of my love for the rain. Just when I started to be come enamoured of listening, being caught in, going out in, and generally just experiencing rain is something I’m unable to put my finger on, although some of my earliest memories are of enjoying rain. Memories such as […]


So it’s back to the drawing board for me. That old devil and I just couldn’t reignite the old flames enough for me to be able to hang in there when it was getting tough. To be fair it wasn’t anyone’s fault particularly. I was into my third week of the commute to Melbourne. Training […]


Remembering Old Blues…

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It’s been over two and a half years since I left my last full-time position and quite regularly I’m left scratching my head some days how I’ve managed to survive it. The reality is that I wouldn’t have survived it without family & friends. I’m extremely grateful to all concerned. It seems that an old […]


“Today is the first day of the rest of my life…” It sounds hackneyed and trite. I’d be the first to say that is exactly how I have felt about that statement in the past but it’s also true. I’m not sure why (yet) that statement sounds different to me today, but I found myself […]


Progress is slow at best (if at all) over the last couple of months. I’ve been having some horrific bouts of deep Depression that seem to be profound but concentrated over a few days but anything up to about 10 days. Then I seem to crawl back up out of it. It also seems to […]


Two Years On…

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So here I am two years down the track after leaving my former full-time employer. It’s been a rough journey and it’s still not over. I suppose the positive of it is that I’m still here. I use “suppose” because there’s been times that I’ve been pretty unsure about that. I’ve definitely felt like there’s […]

It’s been a while since my last post however I’ve not been doing nothing. I’ve been off the Anti-Depressant’s a month now completely. I’m shocked at the positives that have come from that so quickly. Now before I go any further don’t think for a minute that I believe that taking the course of AD’s […]

Many years ago when I was first getting clean it was suggested to me that I might make a “Gratitude List” for times I was feeling somewhat negative about things in general. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with that thought in my mind again. So I suppose it might […]


Well I’ve been offline nearly a month now while changing over to the NBN. I won’t say it has been the smoothest of processes by a long shot. It’s been punctuated by me chasing my provider for updates of an install that has been both ignored by NBN for two weeks before even filing an […]


How Good is it to be Australian…

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This last six weeks has been extremely challenging, from an emotional, psychological and financial perspectives. All in all I’m fairly exhausted and feel like I’ve run out of steam and yet keep rolling along being pulled by a tow rope that’s taking me nowhere I want to go. Unemployment has finally taken it’s forgone conclusion […]


Well so far I’m managing to stay positive and trying to do my best to use my time productively. Sleep is still an issue, not so much getting sleep, just a matter of when. But I’ve stopped worrying about the when and just make sure I’m getting enough and not too much. Then I just […]

If I was to sum up the year that’s pretty much now past, I’d have to say it’s not been the best of years for me. That said, it’s certainly not been the worst of years, it would have had to be a total train wreck for me to think that of it. There have […]


I’ve at least got the glimmerings of hope that the New Year may not be as hard as this outgoing year has been. There’s not necessarily anything earth shattering that’s happened over the last week to make me feel this way that I can pinpoint. Christmas was uneventful, but not unpleasant, and that’s about the […]



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Much the same as yesterday. I did join a “meetup.com” group for boardgames. I’m also going to try a weekly gaming session at GUF to ensure I get out of the house a couple of times a week for some fun. Networking might help with some work to keep the wolves at bay too!


Lack Lustre…

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Fairly lack lustre day, struggled to emotionally keep my head above water. On days like this it’s hard to know if you’re better off trying too push through it, or sleep through it.


I honestly have done nothing but research on the internet, chat and watched a few youtube videos today. I won’t feel guilty about it either.


It’s amazing how Public Holidays become meaningless to you when you’re currently not working. I hadn’t even realised it was a local public holiday. To be honest it’s one of those that doesn’t really seem to have much meaning to me, nor I’m sure many others, other than an excuse for a day off. Such […]


Being Kind to Myself…

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Today was just another day spent trying to come up with more ideas about kicking off small opportunities to enter into the coming holiday season with so as to have something running next year. Employment opportunities traditionally slow down at this time of the year here, and don’t really kick off again until middle to […]


My negative waves must be transmitting, since I had a call from my sister today. She does seem to have a “Craig Alarm” that goes off when I’m in a really shabby place. Anyway it was good to have a short rant session. It definitely eased the angst of the day for me. I suppose […]