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So, the same two books (technical) from five online stores: pearson.com AU $135.54 (including $13 U.S. SHIPPING) -> U.S. bookdepository.com (free shipping) AU $149.xx -> U.K. fishpond.com.au AU $155.64 (free shipping) -> Australian angusrobertson.com.au AU $174.00 (free shipping) -> Australian booktopia.com.au AU $215.50 (free shipping) -> Australian Subtracting 10% GST would be $140 or $156.60 […]


Mark & I christened the Gaming Table tonight with our first game of Elder Sign. I’ve played the iPad version, and enjoyed it for several years, but only recently purchased the boardgame via Book Depository while it was reduced, along with one of the Expansions. We even won the game, which is more than I […]

I’m finally starting to feel different and no longer still feeling echoes of my stint at my previous place of work. I actually feel detached from it now. It’s been a month since I resigned, and my sleeping has changed dramatically, my mood has been constantly elevated, and I’ve at no point felt a drifting […]


Slap that SLES…

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This weekend I’ve finally finished off the Migration from SLES 11 SP3. I’ve finally succeeded in retiring the last SuSE Linux Enterprise Server box, and as it happens the last Virtualbox VM I still had in the environment. I’ve finally moved all virtuals across to VMWare. I’ve even managed to migrate an instance of my […]

Three weeks ago I resigned my previous role. Overall I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my level of happiness and a commensurate decrease in my level of Depression through the last 3 weeks. Since I made that decision of getting out of my previous workplace’s negative environment, I’ve had a steady path onward to increasingly […]