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    The Grindstone…

    2015 - 06.27

    Still a bit of a rolling ride lately. I’ve had the AD’s upped again, in the hope of getting back to work regularly. It’s still been a problem for me over several months. Hopefully the increase in dose will allow me to get back on the horse and stay on it this time around. I know it doesn’t have to be forever, but at the moment I need to get it back to the norm. After all, I still need money just for now. No more toys until I can get the dollars back up, the gap under the mattress is looking pretty empty.

    Life with Furbags…

    2015 - 06.19

    This can’t be normal.

    It’s 01:00, approximately 3.8˚C (apparent temperature is -0.8˚), I’m naked, running about the house with a long cobweb brush, empty plastic milk container, turning lights on & off inside & out. The Back Door is wide open with freezing air rolling in like fog.

    I’m trying to coax a bat back outside because a certain Furbag (Chemoux) has bought it in and I can’t go back to sleep without getting it outside. Tiggakat & Chemoux think it’s a great laugh, they’re joining in on the “fun” chasing each other about the house.

    I am batsh*t crazy!

    One Foot in Front of the Other Takes Me in a Direction…

    2015 - 06.18

    Life in general is moving slowly forward it seems. Extra step on the meds but hopefully enough to rise above the influence work keeps having on my depression. I’m still waiting for the plans to fall into place there, but I continually driving the process to keep it alive. I think they’d rather forget it. Not much else to say, I’ve had Mark to stay a couple of weekends recently and that’s been very enjoyable and helpful. Work just increasingly makes less & less sense in regard to what goes on there.

    From Disaster to Recovery…

    2015 - 06.10

    Yes it’s been a few weeks now; the longest period without an update for a while. Hopefully this marks a change in the influence Depression is going to have in the future. A couple of weeks ago a few things happened at the same time that hopefully will amount to an epiphany with regard to my experience of Depression. I’ve managed to engage a few new treatment directions, and hopefully will regain some traction with regard to support at work. Nothing’s firmly in place yet, but hopefully by the end of the week.