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Definitely getting over the cold now, not 100%, but getting close.

With a couple of further days off last week attempting to recover from this cold, I managed to knock off Heavy Rain. I’m strongly considering buying a second hand PS3 provided I can find one at a reasonable price just to play this game again a few more times. I actually bought a new copy for $50 from JB Hifi which has sort of committed me to this, albeit at the appropriate time designated by the Cosmos.

The emotional reframing I’ve been working on has also been progressing well too, with a good sense of stability returning and a sense of grounding also. There’s been a few tough patches, but the last few days have unfolded much more comfortably. It’s amazing that Albert Ellis’ RE(b)T is still a useful avenue for positive change. Couple that with revisiting a bit of Psychosynthesis and the medium to long term prognosis is very good.

Let’s just say I’m feeling up for continued diet of non committal sex, whores and assorted toys. I guess I’m just prepared to acknowledge that I occasionally feel sad about an empty bed by 07:00.

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