Moving back inside…

Most of the last 24 hours’ waking moments have been spent in rearranging the Study around a new desk (courteousy of Dusty) to replace the 2 old ones I’ve been carting about since 1990.

Study full view

Study full view with bookcase moved to the left

At the moment it’s cost me the second PC in the Study but I’ve gained much desk space compared to the old arrangement. Not only does it look better, tidier and more organised, but the snake pit of cables has been vanquished!
Desk wide view

View showing luxurious desk space to the left and lack of cables underneath compared to previous arrangement

And just to remind those who’ve not seen how it was for a while.
Old version

Old version complete with the ubiquitous snake pit... Admittedly this isn't the most recent of photos, but it hadn't changed all that much in the last two years.

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