300 (days)…

It’s 300 days today since I last used the Windows PC at home. Yes I have to use one for work at work, but I no longer have to use the Windows PC at home.

300 days ago my iMac took the place of full time computer. It’s quite capable of doing everything I wish to do with a computer, integrates much better with all my other technology than the Windows PC, and never gives me grief. If I must use windows for some reason, I can do it with a virtual windows 7 running on the iMac. I can do all my gaming on OS X, no longer buy Windows based games. All my productivity tasks can be achieved with the iMac too. The Andulain domain can now run completely over Linux & OS X since I’ve resolved the issue with DNS on the Linux Name Server.

I hope to shutdown the last of the windows servers within the fortnight. The Windows PC will now go to the cupboard, just in case, at least for a while. It may go to a new home down the track.

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