Weighing Up Anchor…

Well I’ve taken the plunge, but it seems necessary to move on and continue to press forward with recovery from my Depression. Last Tuesday I resigned from my present job with nothing to go to immediately. Reckless as it sounds, I honestly believe that my previous role had disintegrated to a daily struggle and the organisation I did it within was toxic to the core. Since all other areas of my life seemed to be moving forward with regard to the Depression, work was beginning to feel more & more like a boat anchor that had not yet hit the sea bed!

So, I’ve set myself the goal of six to eight weeks chilling out and making sure that I’m definitely moving forward in my recovery, and that there’s nothing else holding me back. After that point, all things being as I have predicted, at the two month mark I should be healthy enough again to seriously start job seeking again. I know it’s a tough market out there at the moment, but staying where I was clearly did more harm than good, and the money wasn’t worth it. I had a fair bit of cream in that salary, so I can afford a drop if necessary to secure a future role. And, that said, I may not even work in I.T. anymore anyway. This last position has sort of tainted my perceptions of corporate I.T. and where it’s going. I may very well pick a job in another area when I’m ready.

Photography and building my business is definitely the overall goal, but I have decided that I’ll put the last twelve months down as research and preparation, and the gathering of resources. My five year plan starts from now with regard to Shards of Arcadia.

I’m going to be working hard on my stock art collection over the next few weeks to get a larger collection of that on sale. However I won’t be working so hard that I won’t be relaxing, and rebuilding my reserves, nor will I be ignoring my recovery.

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