Navigating Against the Odds…

As best as I can tell the interview went well, but I’ve learned that I’m clearly not the best judge of such things these days, as you really can’t tell what’s going on behind the scenes. Often we are applying for jobs that are already decided for some internal candidate, and the business is just going through the motions. At least with this one I can be confident that there are not internal candidates waiting for the process to finish and then gain the roles in spite of good candidates being available externally.

Of course even if I’m successful gaining a position, the role isn’t guaranteed for several months. That in itself is not necessarily any different than being on contract, but it’s the financial climb up from the crevass of debt that opens up underneath me while I’m not generating an income via employment or the photography business that grinds on my soul.

It’s difficult to not feel it’s a losing battle. The empty promise of Australia as the “Lucky Country” as outlined by Donald Horne in 1964 hasn’t changed even 50 years later. We’re still a country that skids along on it’s arse being driven by mediocre and self centred individuals, i.e. Politicians & Business Leaders unwilling to tell the truth to the community and suck it dry every day even in “retirement”. Our community seems mostly undefended by Intellectuals and Entrepreneurs who could help us attain some nobility and caring in purpose and direction as a nation. We’re a nation that seems to follow blindly rather than a leader that leads and opens the way for others.

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