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By the Campfire…

Written by m0rg0th. No comments Posted in: Depression, Health, Work

I feel my level of Depression increasing daily at the moment. It’s not so much the lack of job prospects, it’s simply the Jackals “just outside the range of firelight”, and the Vultures circling above; financially I mean of course. I get daily calls for which I have no option at this stage to deal with as I have no resources to offer with any plan. I know it’s a useless strategy but the only thing I can do at present is ignore them until I have a plan and some money to with which to broker a deal.

It’s very windy, not quite as bad as last weekend, but still fairly wild later in the day. I had indicated I would go to Geelong to day to celebrate a birthday, but today I just can’t deal with people in person (yes I know but that’s the way it is today).

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