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    2010 - 03.14

    Well “Gandalf” has been retired and “Elrond” has been reincarnated as a Windows 2008 Server. Beleriand has moved on to be supplanted by Middle-Earth.

    Gone is the 2K3 domain, to be replaced with a completely new 2K8 Forest/Domain(s) and Windows 7 clients. At the heart is an old Dell 2850, which admittedly is several years old, but will do the job I need it to do. All up about 10 hours for installation, creation of AD, configuring DNS, DHCP scopes, RAS, WSUS, Group Policy and configuration of various shares and printing resources.

    Bit quicker than I gave myself credit for really. Still it’s up and running, with no real disruption. Interestingly my old UPS can’t handle the server for more than a couple of minutes, so another purchase looms I can see. As if to demonstrate this the power died for about 10 minutes immediately after I finished the final tasks today. Plop, server down in 2 minutes flat!

    Seems I love my Micro$lut…

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